2" Generation II Rear LED Turn Signals

Eagle Lights Generation II LED Premium Rear Turn Signals (1157) with Full Brake Light For Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Featuring Multi-Brightness Diode Technology, every LED on the Gen II turn signal is illuminated at all times for maximum visibility and safety. Once the turn signal or brake is activated all 48 diodes light up a visibly more intense red. The dramatic change in brightness will better alert drivers who are coming to a stop behind you.

The Generation II turn signals feature raw LEDs without lenses giving the benefit of more light output and more on road noticeability. They feature a full metal base with an easy turn design, a sheathed / protected wiring harness, and a durable LED cluster.

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1157 BaseRedRunning Light, Brake Light, Turn Signal

Eagle Lights Generation II LED Premium Rear Turn Signals (1156) for Harley Davidson Motorcycles 

Eagle Lights LED Turn Signal Upgrade for your Harley Davidson! Made for motorcycle models with a center rear tail light. The LED turn signals have an 1156 single contact base. They are available with either red or amber LEDs to match the style of your motorcycle.

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1156 BaseRed or AmberTurn Signal

Red LED Version

Amber LED Version

2" Replacement Lenses

Complete the look with a set of lenses to complement your new LED lights! Easy to install! Sold as packs of two.

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Load Equalizers for LED Turn Signals

Eliminates hyper flash when installing LED turn signals on pre-2013 Harleys by slowing the turn signal flash rate to the normal speed.

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