4 Tips for Wiring Turn Signal Lights on Your Motorcycle

4 Tips for Wiring Turn Signal Lights on Your Motorcycle

Turn signal lights are valuable parts of any motorcycle. These tips for installing indicator lights can make the process significantly easier.
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Safety should always be a top priority for any motorcycle owner. The turn signal lights are essential for your motorcycle’s safety system. However, wiring them can be tricky, especially if you don’t have any experience. Use these tips to wire turn signal lights on your motorcycle like a pro and make your ride safer.

1. Get the Right Parts

First, you’ll need to gather the necessary parts. Get turn signal lights, a wiring harness, a relay switch, and a fuse for this process. It is essential to get high-quality parts compatible with your motorcycle’s make and model. For instance, Harley front turn signals will work for your Harley bike. Parts from a different brand won’t function effectively and may damage your motorcycle’s electrical system. Check the owner’s manual for recommendations.

2. Plan Your Wiring Route

Planning the wiring route is essential for a job well done. Start by determining where you’ll place the turn signal lights on your motorcycle—they should be visible to other drivers. When planning the wiring route, make sure the wires are protected and tucked away.

3. Follow the Wiring Diagram

A wiring diagram illustrates the correct way of connecting the wires to the turn signal lights, the relay switch, and the fuse. You’ll need this diagram to wire turn signal lights on your motorcycle correctly. Also, you should use the correct size of wires and connectors, as using the wrong size can lead to electrical shorts and damage to your motorcycle.

4. Test Your Turn Signal Lights

After wiring your turn signal lights, test them out. Turn on the ignition, and check if the lights are functioning correctly when using the indicator. Ensure that both the right and left signals activate.

If you have installed other lights, such as running lights or brake lights, make sure they are also functioning correctly. Double-check the wiring connections and the wiring diagram if the turn signal lights malfunction.

Wiring your motorcycle’s turn signal lights may seem challenging, but it’s a breeze with the right parts, tools, and tips. Always prioritize safety when working with electrical systems, and precisely follow the instructions and diagrams. If you’re still unsure about wiring your turn signal lights, seek help from our experts at Eagle Lights.

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