At Eagle Lights, we are motorsport and off-road enthusiasts at heart.  The more we learned about lighting, the more we realized the products we really wanted were not being produced. We designed our own lights and started manufacturing in 2005, the rest is history. In 2015, we sold over 20,000 units. We now produce over a million units a year and are one of the largest motorcycle lighting manufacturers in the world. Eagle Lights manufactures higher quality LED lights than OEM Manufacturers. We offer these superior lights at a lower cost by manufacturing our own products, keeping our overhead low and selling only online. 

We stand behind everything we sell and our customer service and superior products separate us from our competition. Our goal has always been to satisfy the customer, but we often exceed all expectations with our willingness to solve problems and treat our customers the way we would hope to be treated.  We don't see problems, we see opportunities to create new innovative products that help you stay safe on the road.  We are always learning and this is the first step to innovation. We listen to you, our customers, and try to satisfy your needs.  Buy and use our lights with confidence. 

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We are off-road and motorsport enthusiasts at heart. The more we learned about lighting the more we realized that the lights that we really wanted were not being produced. We designed our lights and started manufacturing in 2005 and the rest is history. In 2015, we sold over 20,000 units. We are now one of the largest aftermarket LED headlight manufacturers in the world. Buy and use our lights with confidence. Please contact us with any questions or comments.


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We are the first to offer an easy online lookup for motorcycle lighting. Find the right size lights with the right connectors the first time without guessing. Our online database is updated regularly to ensure the most up to date and complete coverage in the industry.


We want you to be happy with your new lights and we will make sure this happens. We strive to not only provide the best lights that you can buy, but the best online shopping experience that you have ever had. From an easy to navigate and secure website to same day shipping. Every step of the way we strive to be the best. If something goes wrong, then we really shine. We do whatever we can to make sure that every customer is happy with their purchase. We want to make sure that when you finish emailing, chatting, or speaking with one of our customer service reps, all of your questions are answered and that any problem you might have is solved.

The golden rule. We learned it in kindergarten and we remember it today. We look at everything through the eyes of the customer. We want to make sure our customer service is friendly and helpful, our products are well documented and easy to use, and that you are happy with the experience of shopping at Eagle Lights. When a customer has a problem, we ask ourselves and our team mates how would I want to be treated in this case.

Communication is a two way street. Not only do we try to give every piece of information you will need to make an informed decision, but we also listen when more is needed. Buying online can be a non-personal experience, but it doesn't have to be! Call us, email us, or chat with us. We are always here to help you with any product questions. Almost every transaction goes perfectly without any contact but it is great to know that we are there when you need us.

We value your feedback. All product feedback goes directly to our product team. We use that information to make our products better, easier and brighter. Each Eagle Lights product has gone through numerous tests and checks to make sure it is the highest quality product you can buy. Innovation guides trends and we are on the forefront. Motorcycles have always been customized but the advent of the LED light has created a flood of change. The LED not only looks great but is a huge safety improvement. As LED lighting continues to improve Eagle Lights will also continue to move forward.

If we say something, we do it. If something doesn't live up to your expectations, it hasn't lived up to ours! Contact us and we will always do our absolute best to rectify any issue. We want to make sure that you are happy with your purchase and your experience shopping at Eagle Lights.

We empower all of our team mates to make decisions. If something is not correct they have the power to make it better. They follow our core values and at the end of the day we can all say that we have treated our customer with the highest respect and delivered the best product available.

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