Eagle Lights LED Mirror with Sequential Turn Signals

Eagle Lights LED Mirror with Sequential Turn Signals

The Eagle Lights LED Mirror with Sequential Turn Signals offers Harley Davidson Softail and Dyna riders a cutting-edge solution to enhance both safety and style. With eye-catching sequential turn signals, advanced LED technology, a sleek design, and easy installation, these mirrors provide improved visibility and aesthetics. DOT approval ensures they meet strict safety standards, making them a smart investment for any Harley enthusiast seeking a safer and more attractive riding experience.
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LED Mirrors and Sequential Turn Signals

The Eagle Lights LED Mirrors are sleek and modern replacement for stock mirrors on Harley Davidson Softail and Dyna models.

We all know mirrors play a pivotal role in motorcycle safety. They provide riders with critical information about their surroundings, allowing them to make informed decisions while navigating the road. Inadequate or outdated mirrors can compromise a rider's ability to monitor traffic, change lanes safely, and react to potential hazards.

Sequential Turn Signals

Perhaps the most striking feature of these mirrors is the built-in sequential turn signals. Unlike traditional signals that simply blink on and off, sequential turn signals light up in a pattern that moves in the direction of the intended. This eye-catching display not only looks cool but also significantly improves a rider's visibility to other road users, enhancing safety during lane changes and turns.

LED Technology

The Eagle Lights LED Mirror with Sequential Turn Signals are equipped with high-quality LED lights that offer excellent visibility even in low-light conditions. LED lights are not only brighter than conventional bulbs but also last longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Sleek Design

Featuring a modern, low-profile design, they seamlessly integrate with the aesthetics of Harley Davidson Softail and Dyna models. They not only enhance the bike's appearance but also reduce wind resistance, improving overall riding comfort.

A Must-Have Upgrade for Harley Davidson Softail and Dyna Models

Installation is straightforward, with them to be designed to be a direct replacement They come with all the necessary hardware, and no additional modifications are required.

Durable Construction

Eagle Lights is known for its commitment to quality, and these mirrors are no exception. They are built to withstand the rigors of the open road, with robust construction that can endure the elements.

Enhanced Safety

These mirrors offer an extended field of view, helping riders spot potential dangers from behind more easily. This improved visibility contributes to safer riding.

DOT Approved

The Eagle Lights LED Mirror with Sequential Turn Signals are DOT (Department of Transportation) approved, ensuring that they meet rigorous safety standards. This certification provides peace of mind to riders who prioritize safety.



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