How To Install The Eagle Lights Load Equalizer For Harley Davidson Motorcycles

How To Install The Eagle Lights Load Equalizer For Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Hyper flash occurs when the turn signals begin to flash at an accelerated rate, typically after a brief delay. The Eagle Equalizer offers a seamless solution with Harley OEM connectors, effortlessly connecting to the wiring harness beneath the seat within minutes. Notably, it operates without generating heat or imposing a strain on the electrical system during use. Just one unit suffices for either two or all four turn signals. Moreover, it's compatible with a mix of LED and incandescent turn signals, providing versatility in application.

Product Overview

The Eagle Equalizer eliminates hyper flash when installing LED turn signals on pre-2013 Harleys. It does not produce heat or put a load on the electrical system under use. Only one unit is needed for either 2 or all 4 turn signals.

Installation Warning

If you feel uncomfortable installing this product, we recommend having a professional complete the installation. Eagle Lights LLC is not liable for any damage to the product or vehicle due to an improper installation. If you have questions about the installation, please feel free to call us at 1-800-921-3162 or email us at


Below are steps for a typical installation on most Harley Davidson models. Steps may be different depending on the model. Please ensure you have read through the instructions and understand them clearly before attempting the installation.

To prevent possible electrical shock, disconnect the negative battery terminal before installing this product.

Remove the seat from the motorcycle. If it is being installed on a 2010-2013 Street Glide or Road Glide, remove the left side panel instead. A flat head or Phillips head screwdriver may be required.

Locate the rear wiring harness on your model.



These models need a specific equalizer. The part number needed is EL60WR-P-SRG. If you do not have the correct unit, please contact us, and we can help set up an exchange.

The plug will be in the left side panel. Sometimes it can be in the far back underneath other wiring. Disconnect the harness.

Test the function of the turn signals.


If you have a model with a keyfob, the security lights will continue to cycle while the keyfob is within range of the bike. Simply walk away from the motorcycle with the key fob to allow the security system to set. This is normal operation for the module.

If the turn signals are out of sync, run the hazards on the motorcycle for 10 minutes. This will sync the turn signals and the module.

If one side of the plug does not fit in, check the pins, straighten them, and try again.


Installation Video:


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