The Eagle Lights Run Brake Turn Module

The Eagle Lights Run Brake Turn Module

The Eagle Lights Run Brake Turn Module is an advanced electronic device designed to upgrade Harley Davidson motorcycles' rear lights into a functional and attention-grabbing lighting system. Its intelligent microprocessor interprets signals from the motorcycle's brake and turn circuits, triggering the appropriate lights to ensure clear communication of the rider's intentions, reducing the risk of rear-end accidents. With its easy installation, compatibility with multiple Harley models, enhanced visibility, and durable construction, this module is an ideal choice for safety-conscious riders looking to elevate their motorcycle's lighting performance and style.

The Eagle Lights Run Brake Turn Module is a cutting-edge electronic device designed to convert your Harley Davidson motorcycle's rear lights (LED or incandescent) into a more functional and eye-catching lighting system. This module is a versatile add-on that works with a wide range of Harley Davidson models, enabling them to function as running lights, brake lights, and turn signals. By seamlessly integrating these functions, the module ensures that the rider's intentions are clearly communicated to other motorists, significantly reducing the risk of rear end accidents and collisions.

How Does It Work?

The Eagle Lights Run Brake Turn Module is engineered with technology that allows it to efficiently control the rear lights of the motorcycle. It is equipped with an intelligent microprocessor that interprets signals from the motorcycle's brake and turn signal circuits. By processing these signals, the module triggers the appropriate lights, producing the desired lighting effect.

Key Features and Benefits

Making Sure You Are Seen: 
  • One of the primary advantages of the Eagle Lights Run Brake Turn Module is the improved visibility it provides. When the module is installed, the motorcycle's rear lights become more conspicuous, especially during braking and turning maneuvers. This added visibility enhances the rider's safety, as it helps other motorists gauge the rider's actions on the road.
Seamless Integration: 
  • The module is designed for easy integration into the motorcycle's existing lighting harness. With plug-and-play functionality, installation is a hassle-free process. Riders with little technical knowledge can confidently set up the module without the need for complex modifications or adjustments.


  • The Eagle Lights Run Brake Turn Module is compatible with a wide variety of Harley Davidson models, making it a versatile choice for many riders. Whether you ride a sportster or a touring model, chances are this module will be compatible.
Durable Construction: 
  • As with any motorcycle accessory, durability is crucial. The Eagle Lights Run Brake Turn Module is crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring that it withstands the harsh conditions of the road. Its robust construction ensures longevity, providing riders with a long-lasting lighting solution.


Responsible motorcycling not only involves adhering to traffic rules and regulations but also investing in technologies that prioritize safety. The Eagle Lights Run Brake Turn Module is a game-changer in the world of motorcycle safety and lighting accessories. Its seamless integration, compatibility with various Harley models, increased visibility, and customization options make it a top choice for riders seeking to enhance both their safety and the style of their Harley Davidson motorcycles.

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