Top 4 Commonly Overlooked Motorcycle Upgrades

Top 4 Commonly Overlooked Motorcycle Upgrades

You can ensure you enjoy a great motorcycle ride in numerous ways, but one of the best ways to guarantee an excellent time on the road is to install upgrades.

Bikers worldwide share the same passion for the road, the open air, and the thrill of the ride. But even the most experienced riders may overlook some key upgrades that can completely transform their riding experience. Here are four commonly overlooked motorcycle upgrades that every bike enthusiast should know about; use them to enhance your ride and create the bike of your dreams.

Performance Suspension

The suspension keeps your wheels in contact with the road, providing a smooth ride and responsive handling. Upgrading your bike’s suspension makes a huge difference in how it handles different types of terrain, corners, and potholes. Performance suspension reduces bouncing and provides greater stability in high-speed situations.

Many suspension upgrades are available in the market, but be sure to match the upgrade to your bike’s weight and riding style. For instance, you should upgrade your suspension with dual shock absorbers if your bike has dual gas canisters in the rear as they can add weight to your ride.

Custom Seats

Nothing ruins a good ride like an uncomfortable seat. You’ll likely find that factory seats are too hard, too soft, or do not conform well to your body.

Investing in a custom seat ensures your ride is as comfortable as possible. Custom seats come in all shapes and sizes, with different materials and levels of padding. A custom seat evenly distributes weight, reduces pressure points, and supports your long-ride posture.

LED Lighting

Your bike’s lighting is as important as any other feature. Upgrading to LED lighting provides a brighter, more focused beam, increasing visibility. LED lighting is also more energy-efficient and lasts longer than traditional lights, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective upgrade that lasts longer.

It’s possible to replace your headlight, taillight, and turn signal lights with various colors and styles of LEDs. Harley riders should consider Harley Davidson rear LED lights for those nights when they expect to share the road with other drivers and vehicle types.

Exhaust Systems

The sound of your exhaust may make or break your riding experience. Stock exhaust systems are quieter to comply with noise regulations but don’t offer the roar and rumble that most riders love. Upgrade your exhaust system to increase horsepower, improve fuel efficiency, and get a louder and more distinctive sound.

Choose from various exhaust pipes, mufflers, headers, and other components. A full exhaust system ensures the most boost in performance, but a dual crossover exhaust system is also an excellent option.

Upgrading your motorcycle can enhance your riding experience in many ways, from safety to performance to style. These four commonly overlooked motorcycle upgrades are just some ways bikers can rev up their ride. Don’t settle for a mediocre ride, upgrade your motorcycle and discover a new level of performance and enjoyment!

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