What lights do I need for my bike?

Street Glide
Any of our 7" LED headlights or headlight kits will work on a Street Glide, but you will need a 8700R mounting ring for the 2013 and older models.  You will need a 69200897 for 2014 and newer bikes, but you will not need the 8700R.
7" LED Headlight
7" LED Headlight Kit
8700R Mounting Ring
69200897 Adapter Wire

Road Glide
We have an LED replacement for Road Glides
Road Glide Lights

Where are Eagle Lights Made?
All Eagle Lights products are made in the USA.

Our 5 3/4" headlights fit all years and models of Sportsters
5 3/4" Headlights

Electra Glide
Any 7" LED Headlights fit Electra Glides, but you will need a 8700R mounting ring for the 2013 and older models.  You will need a 69200897 for 2014 and newer bikes, but you will not need the 8700R

7" LED Headlights
7" LED Headlight Kits
8700R Adapter Ring
69200897 2014 and up Adapter Wire

Our 5 3/4" LED headlights fit all Dynas except for Switchback FLD's.  The Switchback need our 7" LED headlights with an 8700R mounting ring for 2013 and older models.
5 3/4" LED Headlights
7" LED Headlights
8700R Mounting Ring

Softails take our 7" LED headlights or headlight kits. The models from 2014 to current will need a 69200897 adapter wire.
7" LED Headlights
7" LED Headlight Kits
69200897 adapter wire

2006-2011 VRSC's Including V-Rods, Night Rods and Street Rods use our 5 3/4" headlights.  2012 and newer bikes need a special adapter that we do not currently have available.
5 3/4" LED Headlights


Do I need an adapter ring?
The 8700R adapter ring is used to fit 7" LED headlights into smaller buckets.  The rings are normally needed for:
12-13 Harley Davidson FLD
94-13 Harley Davidson Touring models
91-13 Softails with headlight nacelle kit


Do I need the 69200897 adapter plug?
The 69200897 adapter plug is required for installation of Harley Davidson 7" LED headlamp on specific models such as 2014+ Harley Davidson Touring and Trike models.

  • 2014 and up Street Glide FLHX
  • 2014 and up Electra Glide FLHT
  • 2014 and up Ultra Limited FLHTK
  • 2014 and up Road King may require a different adapter. 

I have a softail and the light does not sit tightly in the bucket.
Softails may require Harley Part # 6770059 Vibration Damper for a secure fit. Please see Harleys site for an exact listing.

I lost my installation instructions, where can I find them online?
Check out our dowloads page.  We have instructions, diagrams and more available.

Will 5 3/4" Generation 3 Headlights fit my V-Rod?
Our 5 3/4" Gen 3 headlights fit 2006 - 2011 V-Rods. 2012 and up V-Rods VRSC will need a special adapter that we do not have.

Will this fit on 02 Fatboy with no extra bracket?
Yes, our 7" lights fit most Fatboy's without an additional adapter ring.

Will the 8700B fit a 2016 flhxse?
Yes, but you will need 69200897 2014 to current adapter wire and a 8700R adapter ring.

Will the 8700BG2 fit on my 2016 Fatboy S?
Yes, but it will need a 69200897 adapter wire.

Do I need an adapter ring for my Harley?
All Harley touring models from 2013 and older need the 8700R adapter ring.  This includes Street Glides, Road Kings and Electra Glides.  Newer models do not need the adapter ring. In this case please use the stock ring if it fits and simply return our ring.

I have radio noise after installing LED Headlight. What do I do?
Radio Noise Troubleshooting Checklist

How do I install my turn signals on my bike?
1 - It is not recommended to use dielectric grease with LED lights. It may prevent the lights from working properly. Please wipe contacts clean if dielectric grease is present.
2 - Remove lens with screwdriver from turn signal housing.
3 - Insert the base into the turn signal socket. Make sure the orientation of the side pins is correct before inserting. Use the included plastic installation tool to twist the base into place. Push the points of the tool gently into the base so it can act as a handle. If it is difficult to insert the bulb into the base, the pins are probably reversed. Turn the bulb 180 degrees and re insert with the installation tool.

I am not getting brake or turn function with my rear turn signals! What do I do?
- If you have the 1157 style rear turn signals and you do not get brake or turn functions, the contacts on the bike may be reversed. This is a very common problem and is easily fixed. Please follow these steps:

  • Remove the bulb from the base.
  • There is a piece of plastic the size of a nickel that holds the contacts.
  • Using the installation tool or a small screwdriver, rotate the contacts 180 degrees.
  • Re-insert the LED bulb.

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