A Comprehensive Comparison of Eagle Lights LED Tail Light Kits for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

A Comprehensive Comparison of Eagle Lights LED Tail Light Kits for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Eagle Lights offers a wide range of LED tail light kits and replacements for Harley Davidson motorcycles, catering to different preferences and needs. Whether you prioritize safety, style, or versatility, there is likely an Eagle Lights product that suits your requirements. Make sure to choose the one that aligns with your riding style and aesthetic preferences while enhancing your safety on the road. Ultimately, investing in an Eagle Lights LED tail light kit can be a valuable upgrade for any Harley Davidson enthusiast.
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Squareback and Layback: What is the Difference?

A layback tail light features a curved and stylish design that blends with the motorcycle's aesthetics, while a squareback has a more angular and traditional appearance.

In our experience, most Road King and Electra Glide riders tend to lean towards a squareback design whereas Softail owners tend to go the layback style.

Having an LED tail light on a motorcycle is of paramount importance for several reasons. Firstly, LED technology offers significantly brighter illumination compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, making the motorcycle more visible to other road users, especially in low-light conditions. Enhanced visibility is crucial for rider safety, as it reduces the likelihood of accidents caused by other drivers failing to notice a motorcycle's presence. Secondly, LEDs are known for their longevity, which means less frequent replacement and maintenance, saving riders time and money. Moreover, they are highly energy-efficient, putting less strain on the motorcycle's electrical system and preserving battery life. Overall, the adoption of LED lights is not just a style upgrade; it's a practical and safety-conscious choice for Harley Davidson riders.

Make sure to choose the one that aligns with your riding style and aesthetic preferences while enhancing your safety on the road.



Eagle Lights Collection of Harley Davidson Layback Led Tail Lights

Let's take a look at the Layback options available for Harley riders.

Flashing Strobe Brake Light Kit 

This Flashing Strobe LED Tail Brake Kit is designed to enhance safety on the road. It features a flashing strobe brake light that grabs the attention of other motorists, ensuring that you're visible even in adverse weather conditions. This kit is a great choice for riders looking to improve visibility and safety while riding their Harley.  This tail light is also available in a non strobing version.  It also features a plate window at the top or bottom,, ensuring universal applicability from Softail to Street Glide. 

The HALOS Layback with Turn Signals

The HALOS Layback Tail Light combines style and functionality. It features a distinctive layback design that adds a unique touch to your Harley Davidson. Additionally, it includes integrated turn signals, streamlining the appearance of your motorcycle while improving visibility to other drivers.

Eagle Lights Rear Layback Lamp Replacement

The Rear Layback Tail Lamp Replacement is an ideal option for riders who want to replace their existing taillight with a more efficient solution. It retains the iconic layback design while offering improved brightness and longevity compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.


Harley Squareback Contenders

Here are the many Squareback offerings from Eagle Lights.

Eagle Lights LED Replacement Softail / Touring / Sportster / Dyna Tail Light with Built-In Turn Signals

This LED Replacement Harley Davidson Tail Light is a versatile option compatible with multiple Harley Davidson models, including Softail, Touring, Sportster, and Dyna. It incorporates built-in LED turn signals for added convenience and safety. Its compatibility across various models makes it a popular choice among Harley owners.

Eagle Lights Flashing Strobe Squareback LED Tail Brake Light Kit with Plate Window

Similar to its layback brother, this Squareback Tail Brake Light Kit incorporates a flashing strobe brake light. 

Eagle Lights LED Auxiliary Tail Light Upgrade Kit w/ Integrated Turn Signals

This Auxiliary Tail Light Upgrade Kit is designed for riders who want to maximize their visibility on the road. It includes integrated turn signals and auxiliary lights that significantly enhance your presence to other motorists. This kit is especially valuable for those who frequently ride in dark conditions.



Something Different: A Low Profile LED

Eagle Lights Low Profile Brake with Built-In LED Turn Signal Kit

This Low Profile Brake Light with Built-In Turn Signal Kit is perfect for riders who prefer a sleek and modern look for their Harley Davidson. The low-profile design seamlessly integrates into your motorcycle, providing enhanced visibility without sacrificing style.

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