4 Tips for Replacing Motorcycle Light Bulbs

4 Tips for Replacing Motorcycle Light Bulbs

If you’re the owner of a motorcycle, then you’ll likely need to replace your bulbs at some point. Use these tips to make replacing your bulbs.

Motorcycle lights burn out over time, but that just means you need to replace them. While you can take your bike to a mechanic and have someone else do it for you, it’s possible to change your bulbs yourself. As long as you stick to the script and follow these few tips, it should be simple to replace your own motorcycle’s light bulbs.

Work on Stable Floors

You should never do any kind of work on your bike without being on flat, smooth ground. Uneven floors, bumps, or an incline can cause your bike to fall, possibly hurting you or the bike. Your best bet is to find a place indoors that’s both flat and well lit so you can work without worry.

Turn Off Your Bike

Any time you work on your bike, it’s best to be safe and turn off the engine first. You don’t want to put your safety at risk when changing your lights and dealing with wires. If you leave your bike on, you may touch a live wire and shock yourself.

Use the Manual

Every motorcycle comes with a manufacturer’s manual that will detail how you can work on the bike. Every bike is different, and you’ll need the manual to explain how to work with your specific model. For example, the method for installing Harley LED tail lights is likely different from changing lights on any other vehicle, so you want to make sure your manual or directions are specific to your bike. The manual should explain each step for switching out lights easily, which is far clearer than trying to figure it out for yourself.

Disconnect, Then Reconnect

When you start working on your lights, remember the order in which you took everything apart, as it will be important to work backward to finish up. You’ll need to reverse the order of your steps. This will ensure you haven’t missed a step when changing the light bulbs.

If you follow these tips for replacing motorcycle light bulbs, you’ll find the whole process may be simpler than you thought, and avoiding an unnecessary trip to the mechanic will save you time and money.

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