Eagle Lights 4 x 6 LED Headlights

Eagle Lights 4 x 6 LED Headlights

The need for reliable and powerful lighting solutions is crucial, especially for emergency vehicles. Eagle Lights 4 x 6 LED Headlights are a top-tier choice, offering a two-pack or four-pack set with two high beam and two low beam lights. Tailored to meet the specific needs of emergency vehicles, these headlights are compatible with a variety of renowned brands.

LED Technology

The Eagle Lights 4 x 6 LED Headlights utilize cutting-edge LED technology to provide bright, clear illumination, ensuring optimal visibility for emergency vehicles during critical operations.

Eagle Lights Black 4 x 6 LED Headlights - Four Pack


Durable Construction:

Constructed with the robustness required for emergency services, these headlights feature a durable build that can withstand the demanding conditions encountered by vehicles such as fire trucks and industrial apparatus.  The durability of these headlights is a testament to their resilience in the face of demanding situations. The materials chosen for their composition are carefully selected to withstand extremes, ensuring that they can withstand the harshest elements, vibrations, and stresses encountered during emergency responses. Whether it's navigating through adverse weather conditions, traversing rough terrains, or enduring the intense vibrations associated with emergency vehicle operation, these headlights are designed to maintain optimal performance.

Eagle Lights 4627B-2 LED 4 x 6 Headlights - Double Pack



Enhanced Visibility for Critical Situations:

The primary function of emergency vehicle headlights is to provide clear visibility during urgent situations. The Eagle Lights 4 x 6 LED Headlights offer enhanced brightness and clarity, crucial for navigating through challenging environments.

Optimized Safety for Emergency Responders:

Investing in high-quality headlights is an investment in the safety of emergency responders. Improved visibility reduces the risk of accidents, ensuring a safer response to emergencies for both the vehicle occupants and others on the road.

Energy Efficiency for Extended Operations:

LED technology, known for its energy efficiency, allows emergency vehicles to maintain powerful illumination while minimizing energy consumption. This is vital for extended operations during emergency responses.

Longevity for Reliable Performance:

The Eagle Lights 4 x 6 LED Headlights are designed for longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance. This ensures that emergency vehicles are consistently equipped with reliable lighting for their demanding missions.

Fits all of these applications and more. Direct replacement for all 4" x 6" Headlights:

  • Rosenbauer America Fire Truck
  • Spartan ERV
  • Fort Garry Fire Trucks
  • Hub Fire Engines 
  • Smeal Fire Pumpers and Aerials
  • Pierce Manufacturing Ascendant 
  • Sutphen Industrial Fire Apparatus
  • E-one pumpers 
  • Safetek Fire Trucks 
  • Kovatch Mobile Equipment 
  • Carl Thibault Pumper 
  • Arnprior Fire Trucks
  • Kenworth
  • Peterbilt 
  • Isuzu

For emergency vehicles such as those from Rosenbauer America Fire Truck, Spartan ERV, Fort Garry Fire Trucks, and more, the Eagle Lights 4 x 6 LED Headlights present a reliable and efficient lighting solution. With compatibility across a range of renowned brands, advanced LED technology, durable construction, and easy installation, these headlights are a valuable addition to the arsenal of emergency vehicle equipment. Illuminate the road with precision and ensure the safety of emergency responders with Eagle Lights.

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