Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Motorcycle Lights

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Motorcycle Lights

There are many things to care for when it comes to motorcycles, and looking for the signs that you should replace your lights should be high on that list.
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Motorcycle lights are important for the safety of both the driver and anyone else on the road. That’s why maintaining and replacing your motorcycle lights, when necessary, should be high on your to-do list. To help you figure out when the proper time for light maintenance is, here are some signs that it’s time to work on your motorcycle lights.

All Light Issues

There are many different lights on a motorcycle, and each one can have various issues. However, there are some problems that are universal across all lights, so keeping your eye out for these signs can help you catch problems early.


This one can be difficult to notice, but it’s one of the best signs you can use to identify bad lighting. Most motorcycle lights don’t just turn off one day; they slowly grow dimmer and dimmer until they burn out. This can be a real problem, but noticing the gradual change in light quality can be difficult if you don’t know to look out for it. That’s why you need to be on the lookout for the changes to catch them as quickly as possible.

Burning Out

Dimming can happen to most of the lights on your motorcycle, but some will be unnoticeable until they fully burn out. This is especially true for LED lights, which don’t dim as much as normal halogen lights. Burnt-out lights are easy to spot as they won’t light up when they should. This means you’ll need to replace the lightbulbs with new ones so that you can get your ride back in working order.

Wiring Issues or Part Failures

This issue is a lot harder to detect, and when it happens, it can be a major problem. From loose wires to worn and broken parts, your lights rely on a full system to function. If you notice that your lights aren’t working and replacing them doesn’t work, it may be time to bring your vehicle to an expert who can find the mechanical problem.

Headlights Signs

Although those signs are necessary to understand, the different types of lights will have various signs that you should look out for. Another sign is your lights will flicker on and off. This means you need to replace your lights. If the problem persists, then you need to check the mechanical parts of your motorcycle.

Turn Light Signs

Outside of the normal signs that can indicate problems with your lights, you should also note if the turn lights suddenly blink quickly or turn on without blinking at all. These are signs that your turn signals need replacing and potentially require repairs if the problem continues after you change them.

Brake Lights Signs

An easy sign to keep your eye out for when it comes to your brake lights is a slow response time to your braking. These lights should turn on every time you start braking. They’re a huge part of your safety while driving. Even slight dimming or flickering can be a huge problem, becoming dangerous for everyone on the road. So check these lights often.

Regular Inspections

When it comes to lighting, you should have regular inspections to find and identify any issues or signs before your ride becomes unsafe. A lot of the signs that indicate lighting troubles are easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for. Additionally, you can inspect the mechanisms inside your motorcycle for signs that you may need more intensive maintenance. Here are some signs to look for when inspecting your motorcycle’s lighting system.

Broken Terminals

The terminals that hold the bulbs and secure them to your motorcycle are important for your lighting’s function. A broken terminal is a huge problem and can lead to your lighting not turning on, causing damage to the lightbulb itself. You should inspect your terminals by removing the lightbulbs and inspecting them for any damage.

Casing Deformities

Similarly, the casing of your lightbulbs and the area around the bulbs can deform and cause a lot of issues for the lights. Look for cracks or bumps in the casing to identify the problem places and replace your bulbs if necessary.

Leaking Fluid

If you inspect your lighting and see fluids, then something is very wrong. There should be no leaks in your lighting system, and any fluid present indicates an issue in your lighting system. If you inspect your system and see fluid, you should bring your vehicle to an expert who can deal with the problem.

When To Upgrade

Now, you can reduce a lot of problems with lighting on your motorcycle by upgrading your lights before the problems pop up. However, you should understand when it’s time to replace your motorcycle’s lights. Here’s a look at when you should upgrade your lights with better options.

Stock Headlights

Stock lighting, especially for headlights, can be problematic. While they can do the job for a while, they commonly burn out quickly and don’t cast enough light. If you can, try switching out your stock lighting with some Harvey Davidson Daymaker headlights to get great lights that’ll last a long time with the proper care.

During Repairs

If you’re repairing your vehicle’s lights, it’s the perfect time to get better ones. Brighter lights improve your safety, and you’ll save money by switching them out as you repair your motorcycle rather than bringing your ride back into the shop.

Night Driving

If you think you’ll be driving more often at night, then it may be time to invest in better lighting. The night is the most dangerous time to not have good lighting, as other drivers will have a hard time seeing you. That’s why people invest in better lights when they start driving at night.

You Want More Visibility

Being visible to other vehicles is important for your safety when on a motorcycle. Even if you’re being careful when driving, if other vehicles can’t see you, they may crash into you. Improving your lighting makes it easier to see you and will help prevent accidents.

This is everything you should know about replacing your motorcycle’s lights and the signs that it’s the right time. As long as you use this guide, you can identify when your lights may need replacing and avoid dangerous driving situations.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Motorcycle Lights

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