How To Install LED Taillights on Your Harley Davidson

How To Install LED Taillights on Your Harley Davidson

Your Harley Davidson is only as good as its parts. Learn how to install LED taillights on your motorcycle to help ensure safe driving at night.

LED lights and Harleys are a match made in heaven. They help you get the most out of your ride, as they are perfect for illuminating dark roads for both you and other drivers. LED models also last longer than halogen lights. Most varieties allow the motorcycle drive to put them in themselves.

If you're tired of the factory model or current light you have, read on to learn how to install LED tail lights on your Harley Davidson.

Unscrew the Old Tail Light

Replacing the tail light tends to be simple on Harleys by and large. Begin by unscrewing the old tail light. Usually, only two screws keep it in place. A Phillips screwdriver can get this done fast.

Clean the Area

Once you remove the tail light, clean off any grime that may have accumulated in the area over time. Use a rag that’s slightly damp with water to accomplish this. You may need to use a little elbow grease to get this area sparkling, but it will help your new tail light shine.

Set Gasket in Place

Depending on the hardware you've chosen, you may have a gasket to set in place. If so, you can peel the sticky backing off and easily put it into the correct spot. This helps keep your lens safe. Take care in doing this step to avoid damaging the gasket.

Plug and Play

Our models make Harley David LED tail light conversion fast and easy. Use your previous tail light as a reference when inserting the plug, as your ride may have a few slots that you can insert the hardware into. Then plug it into the correct slot.

Once you connect everything, test the light on your Harley to ensure it's displaying correctly. If all is well, secure it again with your Phillips screwdriver.

Eagle Lights make it simple when you’re wondering how to install LED tail lights on your Harley Davidson. Most of our models are compatible with Harleys from 1999 and beyond. They also have a lifetime warranty, so you’re guaranteed satisfaction. We offer LED tail lights that provide maximum visibility on the road, keeping you and other drivers safe.

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