What Colors Are Your Motorcycle Lights Allowed To Be?

What Colors Are Your Motorcycle Lights Allowed To Be?

If you want to make some changes to your motorcycle lighting, you should first learn the regulations on what colors you can add to your bike.

Your motorcycle lighting is very important, and upgrading it can improve the visual appeal and safety of your bike. However, you can’t just do anything you want to your bike, as some lighting choices go against the law. That’s why knowing what colors your lights can be on a motorcycle is key before you make any changes.

State-by-State Laws

Sadly, there’s no one law or cohesive standard for lighting across the United States. Every state is responsible for its own laws, and that includes lighting restrictions on motorcycles. This means you’ll need to follow the specific laws of your state and any state you drive in when it comes to lighting your vehicle. Additionally, these laws can change depending on the state’s will.

Color Choices

Even though states have independent laws, there’s still a lot of crossover and repetition between the laws. For example, color choice is a hot topic in the regulations, with many places limiting red lights to the back of a vehicle and requiring the usage of white lights for the license plate. Another example would be the laws about Harley Davidson taillights, which can only be red in many states.

Aftermarket Lights

Another common law amongst the states is the regulation of aftermarket lighting on your motorcycle. Many places limit or fully restrict extra motorcycle lighting, such as undercarriage lighting. While many places still allow for extra lighting, most states have some restrictions limiting what colors the lights can be on your motorcycle and where you can put them. You’ll need to follow these rules strictly if you want to modify your bike with new and unique lighting.

These are just a few of the laws you need to keep in mind when it comes to motorcycle lighting. Each state has very different requirements, and you’ll need to follow the laws in every state you drive in. Always check the laws before you plan on going to any location with your bike to avoid any trouble.

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