Preventing Radio Interference From LED Motorcycle Headlights

Preventing Radio Interference From LED Motorcycle Headlights

There are many issues that can arise from using stock parts for a motorcycle, such as radio interference from the headlights. Here’s how you can prevent that.
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If you’ve ever used your radio on your motorcycle and noticed weird interference in places where things should have been fine, the issue may have been because of your headlights. Due to the smaller size and structure of a motorcycle, the radio and lights are very close to each other, which can cause various interference problems. However, you can prevent interference if you utilize these methods.

Quality Lights

The first thing you can do is try to switch out your headlights to more quality options. A lot of interference comes from poor performance headlights, but you can get a new set that won’t have these issues. Additionally, you reap the benefits of utilizing better lights for your motorcycle.

Shielded Cords

When it comes to headlight interference, the big issue for most motorcycles comes from the cords inside the vehicle. When the headlights use unshielded cords to transfer power, they give off electromagnetic interference (EMI). But you can use shielded cords that come with a motorcycle headlight kit to minimize the EMI from these cords.

EMI Suppression Transformer

While the cords can cause a lot of problems, the transformer of your headlights can too. This part is vital for the operation of your headlights, so you can’t remove it. However, you can switch to a transformer with EMI suppression to limit the interference your radio will experience from the part and energy.

EMI Filter

While you can switch out a lot of your motorcycle’s parts to reduce their EMI, you can also add some protection. This is why one of the best methods to prevent radio interference from your motorcycle’s headlights is to put in an EMI filter. The filter attaches cleanly to your systems and helps reduce interference.

These changes aren’t necessary for your motorcycle, but you’ll certainly be happy if you do make them. You’ll get back full use and quality of your radio so that you can listen to whatever you want. Just like you would switch out your tires, making changes will help improve your motorcycle so that you can get the most out of the vehicle.

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