Eagle Lights 7" Round LED Projection Headlight Generation III with Matching Passing Lights- Black - Halo Ring*

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Adapter Ring (2013 and Older HD Touring Models) : No Adapter Ring
Adapter Harness (2014+ HD Models) : No Harness
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  • What size are the passing lights?

    The passing lights are 4 1/2" in diamater.

  • Are these anti scratch lens ?

    Yes, our lights utilize a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens.

  • Is this light DOT approved?

    Yes, the lights are DOT approved.

  • Will this kit work on an Indian Springfield, and would it require an adapter?

    Yes, this headlight kit is a direct replacement. You will not need any adapters for installation on an Indian Springfield.

  • Will the lights work with the 2017 Indian Chieftain Limited with or without the adapter? Also, can the halo work with high beam as well?

    Yes, this will work on your bike. It does not need an adapter. The halo ring will turn off with the high beam automatically. 

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