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Specialty LED Turn Signals - Eagle Lights Fork Turn Signals - Wrap Around - For 39MM - 60MM Fork Tubes

Eagle Lights Fork Turn Signals - Wrap Around - For 39MM - 60MM Fork Tubes

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The Eagle Lights Wrap-Around style turn signals are a great and easy addition to your bike. With an easy attachment method, bright and highly visible turn signal, they will help you be seen on the road.
  • EAGLE LIGHTS QUALITY - The Eagle Lights fork turn signals are the highest quality wrap around style turn signals you can purchase. They attach with double sided automotive adhesive tissue and a strong clamp attachment system to adhere it to you bike. As simple as installing two wires.
  • ENHANCE YOUR VISIBILITY - Let other drivers see you easier. The Eagle Lights fork turn signals can either replace or enhance your current turn signals. Eagle Lights LEDs react 5X faster than standard incandescent bulbs. This allows other drivers to react to your inputs quicker and keeps you safer on the road.
  • INCREASED SAFETY -  Safety while on a motorcycle is paramount and adding LED lighting to your motorcycle is best and easiest way to increase safety. Eagle Lights LED fork turn signals are one of the easiest ways to increase safety and visibility.   
  • EAGLE LIGHTS LIFETIME WARRANTY - Our Turn signals are designed to outlast your bike! But should something go wrong, you are covered by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. The best warranty in the business! No hassle returns and no hassle warranty replacement.
  • READY TO ROCK - DOT approved, high lumen output, easy installation all backed by a lifetime warranty. Eagle Lights, the original, the best and the brightest. What are you waiting for?
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  • I’m looking for an LED strip that I can mount under my saddle bags to use as auxiliary break lights.Do you have any such product? Thank you in advance. Tom.

    Unfortunately, we do not have any lights that can mount under the saddlebag. We are sorry for any inconvenience. 

  • Hello, Are these just turn signals, or running lights also? Is the light constant amber, or white when turn signals not activated?

    These do not have a running light. They light up amber for turn signal only. 

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