Comparing Eagle Lights Harley LED 2” Turn Signal Kits for Improved Visibility

Comparing Eagle Lights Harley LED 2” Turn Signal Kits for Improved Visibility

When it comes to Harley Davidson motorcycles, customization and visibility are paramount. Eagle Lights offers a variety of turn signal kits to enhance both safety and aesthetics. Our focus is to provide the most lighting and highest quality lighting products for your motorcycle.  Let’s compare several popular Eagle Lights 2” kits, each designed to elevate your Harley Davidson's appearance while making you more visible on the road.

2” Front Harley LED Turn Signal with Halo Running Light 

This kit combines a sleek 2" front LED signal design with a unique halo running light. The halo ring provides additional illumination and an eye-catching appearance, making your Harley stand out on the road. It's a great choice if you want a modern look with enhanced visibility.

Eagle Lights Generation II Premium LEDs with Full Running Light

The Generation II Premium front turn signals feature a full running light to ensure you're well-lit while riding.  Featuring  Multi-Color Diode Technology, they allow the white running light to use the full 48 diodes and change all 48 diodes to amber during turn signal. No wiring / splicing required. These signals are suitable for riders who prefer a timeless look without compromising on safety.

Generation II Midnight Edition 2" Front LED Turn Signals

The Midnight Edition signals offer a darker, stealthier appearance. They retain the 2" front LED turn’s design but with a unique blacked-out finish. If you're aiming for a more aggressive look for your Harley, these are a top choice.

Midnight Edition Front LED Turn Signals for 2016+ CVO Models

Specifically designed for Harley Davidson's CVO models, these signals maintain the Midnight Edition's blacked-out aesthetic. With the correct wiring and plug for a direct fit, they are tailored to fit newer CVO motorcycles and blend seamlessly with their unique styling.  The bright white running lights have a greater viewing angle allowing you to see the sides of the road, signs, and safety hazards. The Harley Davidson compatible running lights make you more visible to other drivers.

Eagle Lights SUNBURST 2" Front LED Turn Signals For Harley Davidson

The SUNBURST signals feature a solid billet aluminum base, they are designed with an integrated heat-sink that cools the base for added lighting life and performance. The new design allows the turn signal to be perfectly centered and has no extra wiring. As easy as changing a bulb. These 2" front signals provide excellent visibility while adding a touch of uniqueness to your bike's appearance.

Infinity Beam Front and Rear (1156) LED Turn Signal Kit w/ Running Light Ring Covers

This kit stands out by including both front and rear LED turn signals, providing complete lighting coverage for your Harley.  Using high powered LEDs, these turn signals are more noticeable to other drivers, and react quicker to your inputs and are more reliable than the stock OEM bulbs.  

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