11 Guidelines for Long-Distance Motorcycle Trips

11 Guidelines for Long-Distance Motorcycle Trips

Anyone who wants to go on a long drive on their motorcycle is likely aware of how difficult this can be. However, these guidelines can make it easier for you.

Driving a motorcycle isn’t easy—it takes a lot of practice and skill to do it safely. It’s completely different from driving a car, which is why you need to be careful before you tackle a long-distance trip. Driving long distances isn’t easy and can be quite dangerous if you don’t take the time to prepare beforehand. Additionally, you must know how to deal with the problems that pop up during the drive. Follow these guidelines so that you can prepare for and enjoy a successful long-distance motorcycle trip.

Before The Drive

Before you take hit the road and start your motorcycle trip, there are a few things you should do. These tips will help you tackle the planning necessary for a trip and guide you through the process so that you can have a good start to your long drive.

Prepare Physically

Driving a motorcycle for long stretches at a time isn’t difficult for your mental strength alone; it takes a significant toll on your body. You need to have the physical endurance to move your whole body to drive a motorcycle, meaning you can’t go on these trips if you’re exhausted. Take the time to build up endurance by taking shorter trips on your bike until you trust you can handle the longer trip.

Plot Your Trip

You should take the time to plan out your trip before you go for the drive. Figure out the routes and places you need to turn before you head out on the road. You should also plan your hotels and night stops ahead of time, as you may need a place to spend the night if your trip takes that long. Planning these things beforehand will help make the experience much smoother.

Plan Some Breaks

Breaks are vital for any drive that’s longer than a few hours, even if you’re riding in a car. You should take the time to plan out some places to rest on your trip’s path. Spacing them out so that you make progress between each break but not so long that you tire yourself out.

Pre-Drive Maintenance

Maintenance is very important when it comes to preparing for a long drive. You don’t want your bike to break down while you drive hundreds of miles away from home. Check vital parts of your bike, such as your tires, brakes, fluids, lights, and chassis, at the very least. Additionally, think about improving your bike with things such as motorcycle front turn signals and headlights to make it safer to drive.

Start the Drive

These next tips focus on what you should do right before the drive, from when you wake up to when you take off. These are very important as you’ll need the right clothes and food to get you through the trip. Read on to learn what you should do before every long trip on your motorcycle.

Get Up Early

Starting early in the morning is a big part of a successful trip, as every moment of daylight is important. Driving at night is far more dangerous, and you should avoid it if possible. That’s why those first few hours are so important—you don’t want to miss prime driving time. Try to wake up and get ready to go as the sun starts coming up.

Pick the Right Gear

There’s a lot of specific gear that you need to ride a motorcycle, such as a helmet or a jacket to protect yourself on the road. Make sure you have all the right gear and that it can last for the whole trip. After all, you want protection during your ride.

Go With Friends

Picking out a good group of friends to watch your back while driving is important. You want someone to look over you as you drive, and joining a group that’s also traveling to the same place is a great way to get that company. Bringing friends with you can make the trip a lot more fun and make it easier to stay aware on the road.

Run an Inspection

Before you go on your trip, you should always do a quick inspection of your bike. Checking the fluid levels and the treads on the tires can help keep you safe on the road. Run this inspection every morning to help catch and identify any issues before you hit the road. Failing to monitor these aspects of your ride could endanger you and the lives of others.

Endure the Trip

The last thing you need to know is how to make it through the whole journey. You need to keep yourself healthy and awake throughout the whole trip to make it safely through the ride. This step involves taking care of your body and prioritizing safety on the trip.

Eat Small Portions Often

It’s a huge mistake to eat a lot of food in one sitting when you’re on one of these longer trips. You should do what you can to eat frequently to keep up your energy, but only in small amounts. This way, you avoid feeling lethargic and tired as you digest a big meal while still getting the nutrition you need.

Hydrate Throughout the Trip

Hydration is vital for basic human functions. You need water to stay alert on a long drive. Carry drinks with you and take breaks from your rides whenever you’re thirsty to stop for some water.

Practice Safe Driving

You should always remember your basics when driving a motorcycle, but safe driving is a big part of making it through longer drives. Driving the speed limit and checking your blind spots will help you avoid dangerous situations and lower your risks on the road. Defensive driving practices are a large part of safe driving, as you must avoid other vehicles and know how to react safely to an emergency.

These guidelines for long-distance motorcycle trips will help you stay safe on the road. Longer trips are harder and more dangerous, but adhering to these tips will help you stay safe as you go about your long drive. These guidelines go for any trip you take on your motorcycle, not just the long ones. Staying on top of your bike’s condition and your own health will make every ride safer for you.

11 Guidelines for Long-Distance Motorcycle Trips

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