With Eagle Lights' strobing LED tail lights, motorcyclists can enjoy the benefits of increased visibility, attention-grabbing effects, and heightened perception of motion.


While stock taillights serve their purpose, incorporating strobing LED tail lights offer significant advantages that can enhance safety for both motorcyclists and other road users.

1. Increased Visibility:

One of the primary benefits of strobing LED tail lights is their ability to significantly enhance the visibility of motorcycles. Traditional stock taillights, often equipped with a single steady bulb, will blend into the background and fail to capture the attention of other drivers, especially in situations with poor visibility.  By employing intermittent bursts of light, strobing LED tail lights create a visual "pop" that distinguishes motorcycles from other vehicles.

2. Attention-Grabbing Effect:

Strobing LED tail lights possess an attention-grabbing effect that distinguishes them from regular steady-burning bulbs. The intermittent flashing draws the eyes of motorists, alerting them to the presence of a motorcycle on the road. This effect is particularly beneficial in situations where a motorcyclist may be approaching a congested area, merging into traffic, or changing lanes.

By capturing the attention of other drivers, strobing LED tail lights help create a safer environment for motorcyclists, reducing the likelihood of collisions resulting from drivers failing to notice or accurately judge the speed and distance of a motorcycle.

3. Heightened Perception of Motion:

Another advantage of strobing LED tail lights is their ability to enhance the perception of motion. The rapid flashes of light create a visual illusion of movement, making it easier for drivers to gauge the speed and trajectory of an approaching or receding motorcycle. This heightened perception of motion aids in accurately assessing the distance and relative position of the motorcycle, allowing other drivers to make more informed decisions when sharing the road.


Incorporating strobing LED tail lights into motorcycles offers substantial safety benefits that can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. By increasing visibility, drawing attention, enhancing the perception of motion, and promoting a larger following distance, strobing LED tail lights provide motorcyclists with an additional layer of protection on the road.

Fortunately, Eagle Lights offers plug-and-play strobing LED tail lights, making it easy for motorcycle enthusiasts to upgrade their existing lighting systems. Eagle Lights provides high-quality strobing LED tail lights that are designed to seamlessly integrate with various Harley Davidson models, ensuring a hassle-free installation process and optimal performance without the need of additional modules.

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