4 Reasons Your Harley Sportster Needs New Lights

4 Reasons Your Harley Sportster Needs New Lights

LEDs are the future of lighting. If you want better response times, durability, and illumination, you should read on to learn why your Harley needs new lights.

A Harley Sportster is a beautiful bike—and it’s one you should treat with proper respect. Besides cool modifications to the exhaust system or the engine, you should also make a few changes to improve the safety and quality of your ride too. Read on to learn four reasons your Harley Sportster needs new lights.

Easier To See

The first reason is the one you probably think of. Brand-new LED lights are far brighter than their incandescent counterparts. Because LEDs are highly directional, they can precisely light up the important areas of the road. This is unlike incandescent lights, which dimly light everything around them.

LEDs can help you spot bumps, turns, and other vehicles a few seconds before incandescent bulbs. And a few seconds can be the difference between smooth sailing and a crash.

Easier To Be Seen

Let’s not forget the other benefit of increased brightness. How many motorcycle accidents happen because drivers simply don’t notice a bike? New Harley Sportster lights help your motorcycle stand out on the road much more, making it easier for drivers to spot you as they turn and merge.

Reduced Power Requirement

LEDs use significantly less energy than incandescent bulbs—sometimes more than 75 percent less! While you won’t notice a significant change at any given moment, your battery will wear down less quickly, and you’ll help the environment while riding.

No Warmup Time

Incandescent lights need a few seconds to warm up and get to their optimal brightness level. LEDs don’t have the same requirement. In fact, LEDs need no warmup time whatsoever. While this may not seem like a big deal, if you need to switch your bulbs on to spot something, you’ll want your lights ready instantly!

Now that you know these four reasons your Harley Sportster needs new lights, you can trick out your ride while making it safer for you and everyone else on the road.

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