Deleting Your Stock Rear Turn Signals on a Harley Davidson

Deleting Your Stock Rear Turn Signals on a Harley Davidson

One of the common modifications for a Harley Davidson owner is deleting the stock rear turn signals. This change can streamline the bike’s look, give it a more custom and sleek appearance, and allow for the addition of alternative lighting solutions. If you’re considering this modification, here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.
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Why Delete Your Stock Rear Turn Signals?

Aesthetic Appeal:

Removing the bulky stock turn signals can give your Harley a cleaner, more customized look. This is especially popular among riders looking to achieve a minimalist or bobber style.

Customization Options:

Deleting the stock signals opens up opportunities to install integrated taillights or more discreet, stylish indicators that blend seamlessly with the bike’s design.

Weight Reduction:

Although minimal, every bit of weight reduction can enhance performance, especially for those fine-tuning their bike for better handling.

Tools and Materials Needed

- Wrenches and screwdrivers
- Wire cutters and strippers
- Soldering iron (optional)
- Electrical tape or heat shrink tubing
- Replacement lighting
- Owner’s manual (for reference)

Step-by-Step Guide


- Park your bike on a stable surface and use a motorcycle stand if available.
- Disconnect the battery to avoid any electrical shorts during the process.

Remove the Stock Turn Signals:

- Locate the bolts or screws securing the rear turn signals. These are usually found on the rear fender or signal mounts.
- Use the appropriate tools to carefully remove these fasteners.
- Disconnect the wiring harness connecting the turn signals to the bike’s electrical system. Be sure to note which wires are for the turn signals, brake light, and running lights.

Modify the Wiring:

- If you’re installing integrated lights, you’ll need to splice the new lights into the existing wiring.
- Use wire cutters to trim any excess wire and strip the ends to prepare them for splicing.
- Solder the new connections if you have a soldering iron; otherwise, twist the wires together and secure them with electrical tape or heat shrink tubing. Ensure all connections are secure and insulated to prevent shorts.

Install the New Lighting:

- Mount your new lights in the desired location. If you’re using integrated taillights, these often fit directly onto the fender or rear light housing.
- Connect the new lights to the appropriate wires. Typically, you will have a wire for the brake light, one for the running light, and one for each turn signal.
- Test the lights to ensure they function correctly. Reconnect the battery temporarily to check the brake light, running light, and turn signals.

Final Adjustments and Securing:

- Once everything is wired and tested, secure the new lights in place.
- Tidy up any loose wires with zip ties or clips to prevent them from dangling or getting caught.

Reassemble and Test Ride:

- Reattach any parts that were removed during the process.
- Give the bike a thorough once-over to make sure everything is secure and looks clean.
- Take your Harley for a test ride to ensure the new lights are visible and functioning correctly in real-world conditions.


Legal Considerations

Before you start this modification, it’s crucial to check the local laws and regulations regarding motorcycle lighting. Some regions have specific requirements for turn signal visibility, placement, and color. Ensuring your bike is compliant will help you avoid fines and maintain safety on the road.

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