Eagle Lights LED Headlight Overview

Eagle Lights LED Headlight Overview

We have built a strong reputation in the aftermarket headlight industry by introducing three generations of headlights that continually push the boundaries of quality and performance.


When it comes to aftermarket headlights we at Eagle Lights have gained a reputation for producing high-quality lighting solutions for various motorcycles. Over the years we have introduced three generations of headlights, each offering improvements and advancements over its predecessor. In this let’s explore the key differences between our Generation I, Generation II, and Generation III headlights, providing you with a better understanding of their evolution.

Generation I Headlights:

Generation I LED Headlights marked our initial foray into the aftermarket lighting market. These headlights boasted several notable features, including improved brightness and beam pattern compared to standard stock headlights. Generation I LED Headlights are designed to be a direct replacement for factory headlights, making installation relatively straightforward. They feature advanced LED technology, which enhance visibility and provide a longer lifespan than traditional halogen bulbs.

Generation II Headlights:

We introduced Generation II LED Headlights with several significant upgrades. One of the key improvements was the integration of innovative projection technology, resulting in a more focused and precise beam pattern. Generation II LED Headlights feature a higher lumen output, delivering improved brightness and visibility in various driving conditions.

Generation III Headlights:

Our Generation III LED Headlights represent the latest iteration of our aftermarket lighting solutions. These headlights incorporate cutting-edge technologies and design enhancements to provide the best possible lighting performance. Generation III LED Headlights include advanced features with even higher lumen output, providing exceptional brightness and clarity on the road.


We have made significant strides in our aftermarket headlights with each successive generation. From Generation I to Generation II and now Generation III, we continuously enhanced brightness, beam patterns and overall performance. While Generation I brought about improved visibility over stock headlights, Generation II introduced projection technology for better beam control. Generation III represents the pinnacle of our lighting solutions.

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