The Advantages of Motorcycle Headlight Kits

The Advantages of Motorcycle Headlight Kits

Switching to LEDs for your motorcycle is a no-brainer. Read on for the advantages of motorcycle headlight kits and why LEDs are superior to incandescent bulbs.

A great motorcycle deserves greatness in every component. A lot of people focus on the engine and exhaust while forgetting about the headlights, but headlights are perhaps the most important safety feature on any motorcycle. Driving on dimly lit roads at night is a recipe for disaster, unless you have headlights that melt darkness like butter. Read on to learn the advantages of motorcycle headlight kits.

Upgraded Safety

Traditional incandescent bulbs were all the rage in the 80s—the 1880s, to be exact. Today’s motorcycles deserve a higher class of bulb, bulbs that will do a far better job at lighting up the night. While incandescent bulbs produce about 15 lumens per watt, LEDs output a whopping 75–110 lumens per watt!

That means more brightness when you need it most, and with a color temperature much closer to daylight.

Better Reliability and Efficiency

The average incandescent headlight bulb lasts 1,000 hours. Depending on how often you drive in the dark, 1,000 hours may not last you five years. On the other hand, LED headlights last up to 30,000 hours. That’s right—up to 30 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

If you drive with your lights on for 10 hours each week, your incandescent bulbs may die in under two years. Apply that same equation to LED bulbs and you have headlights that last over 50 years. Say goodbye to getting pulled over for needing a headlight replacement—your LED bulbs will probably outlive the bike you install them on!

Easy To Install

Motorcycle LED headlight conversion kits can be installed in a flash. They’re simple plug-and-play kits, so you don’t need to be a mechanic to hook them up and get them working in just a few short minutes. Too many upgrades require complicated vehicle knowledge and hours in your garage, but not headlight kits!

Now that you understand the advantages of motorcycle headlight kits, pick up a kit for yourself and start seeing clearly on the darkest nights.

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