The Interchangeability of Eagle Lights LED H4 and 9003 bulbs

The Interchangeability of Eagle Lights LED H4 and 9003 bulbs

The LED H4 bulb and the 9003 bulb are often considered interchangeable because they share the same physical dimensions and electrical connections. The H4 and 9003 bulbs are dual filament bulbs commonly used in automotive and powersport headlights, serving both high and low beam functions. This interchangeability makes it relatively easy for car owners to upgrade or replace their halogen bulbs with LED technology without the need for extensive modifications.
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H4 and 9003 bulbs have the same P43t base, which is a standardized base for many automotive/powersport bulbs.  They share similar dimensions, making them fit into the same headlight housing without any modifications.

Dual Filament

Both have a dual filament separating the high beam and low beam.  This design is standardized for easy interchangeability between the two types.

Wiring Compatibility

The electrical connections  are the same, which means that the wiring harness in most vehicles is compatible with both types of bulbs, making it convenient for car and motorcycle owners to switch from halogen to LED technology without rewiring their headlights.

LED Technology Upgrade

Eagle Lights LED H4's provide several advantages over traditional halogen bulbs, including improved brightness, longer lifespan, and lower power consumption.  Our premium H4 LED bulbs come with a built in heatsink for optimal heat dispersion. 

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