What To Do if Your Motorcycle Headlight Keeps Burning Out

What To Do if Your Motorcycle Headlight Keeps Burning Out

Motorcycles are amazing personal vehicles and fun to customize, but you might be experiencing issues with burned-out headlights. Learn how to fix them here.

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun experience, but it can also be dangerous. Regular maintenance and safe driving can mitigate many risks on the road. We’ll cover what to do if your motorcycle headlights keep burning out.

Causes of Burnout

Many things can cause your headlights to burn out, such as vibrations, extreme temperatures, and water leaking in through cracks. The filament in your lights is fragile, and temperature fluctuations and vibrations can cause them to break. Water can destroy the electrical components and the filament, so do your best to keep the headlight dry.

Practical Changes

While you can’t stop all wear and tear on your headlights, you can limit its chances of burning out. For example, better suspension and safer driving may lower vibration risks. Frequent checks for cracks and avoiding driving in cold temperatures can keep your headlight in top shape.

Repairing and Replacing

You should replace a burned-out headlight as soon as possible. If your motorcycle’s headlight is dying abnormally quickly, you should check your bike’s internal systems, as something may be wrong. For example, a faulty or problematic wiring system can cause overheating and lead to quick burnouts. Hire a professional to check these systems, as it can be dangerous if you lack the expertise.

Upgrading Your Headlights

One easy change to keep your motorcycle headlight from burning out frequently is upgrading to LEDs. For example, LED Harley lights can last significantly longer than stock bulbs and resist most common causes of burnout. LEDs are great improvements over halogen lights, as they last longer and shine brighter.

Wear and tear will eventually lead to a burned-out headlight, so follow these tips to prevent this issue. It can make a huge difference to your safety and save you money, as you won’t need to replace your bike’s headlight so frequently.

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