3 LED Headlights For Your Indian Scout

3 LED Headlights For Your Indian Scout

Upgrading your Indian Scout's headlight to an LED is a crucial enhancement that significantly improves both safety and visibility during rides. LED headlights offer a brighter and more focused illumination, ensuring optimal visibility in various road conditions, especially during night rides or inclement weather. The increased brightness not only enhances the rider's ability to detect potential obstacles but also makes the motorcycle more noticeable to other road users, reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, LED headlights are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan compared to traditional halogen bulbs, providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution. The upgrade to LED not only elevates the overall aesthetics of your Indian Scout but also contributes to a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

Eagle Lights 5 3/4" LED Headlight Kit - Generation II

The Eagle Lights 8900 Series represents the next generation of LED motorcycle lighting, particularly designed for Harley Davidson and Indian model motorcycles with 5 3/4" headlights. Boasting nearly 6 times the visibility and safety compared to stock headlights, the 8900 series LED headlight kit is a plug-and-play solution. The 8900G2 Series not only offers a stylish appearance but also delivers exceptional performance, providing 6 times more light than stock units with enhanced wide-angle projection. The low beam stays active with the high beam, ensuring constant visibility. Installation is simplified with a plug-and-play connection for most Harley Davidson and Indian models, reducing strain on the battery while significantly improving road illumination. Covered by a lifetime warranty, Eagle Lights guarantees durability, offering hassle-free returns and replacements. DOT approved and featuring high lumen output, the Eagle Lights 8900 Series is positioned as the original, best, and brightest choice for motorcycle lighting.


Eagle Lights 5 3/4" LED Headlight Kit - Generation III

The Eagle Lights 8900G3 LED Headlight stands out as the ultimate solution for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking top-notch performance in illumination. Boasting a 33% increase in light output compared to its predecessor, the Generation II, this headlight series delivers unparalleled brightness, a wider beam pattern, and uncompromising LED performance. With a lumen output of 3315, it outshines competitors, featuring twice as many wide-angle projection lenses to illuminate the road's sides effectively. The plug-and-play installation on most Harley Davidson and Indian models with 5 3/4" headlights makes it hassle-free, with no splicing or wiring required. Offering increased efficiency over stock headlights, the 8900G3 reduces strain on the battery while significantly enhancing road visibility. Backed by a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty, DOT approval, and a commitment to quality, Eagle Lights presents the 8900G3 as the original, best, and brightest choice for riders seeking a reliable and high-performance LED headlight.


Eagle Lights Infinity Beam Series 5-3/4" Round LED Headlight

The Eagle Lights Infinity Beam Series 5 3/4" Round LED Headlight is a premium lighting solution specifically designed for Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles. It features Infinity Beam technology, producing a powerful and focused LED complex reflector beam that mimics daylight, ensuring maximum visibility while minimizing glare. The headlight, a direct stock replacement, boasts a durable construction for long-lasting performance and is supported by a lifetime warranty. The New Horizon Beam Pattern offers an extended reach, ideal for navigating country roads or dark highways. The headlight's advanced cooling heatsink design enhances longevity, and its plug-and-play functionality simplifies installation. With dual complex reflectors and a built-in DRL, the light pattern is tailored for optimal riding conditions. DOT approved, high lumen output, and backed by a lifetime warranty, the Eagle Lights Infinity Beam Series stands out as a top-notch choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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