8 Ways To Make Your Used Harley Davidson Look New

8 Ways To Make Your Used Harley Davidson Look New

There are many ways you can make your Harley look its best, and here are just a few tips to help you make it look like it just came out of the factory line.
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When you get a Harley Davidson, you expect to keep it for years to come. However, keeping it in pristine condition is very difficult if you use it as normal. The normal wear and tear slowly damage the inner-workings and the outer appearance of your vehicle. While you can reduce this damage over the years, you’ll eventually need to know some ways to make your Harley Davidson look new.

The best thing you can do for your Harley is prevent damage before it occurs, as preventing it in the first place will make it a lot easier to keep it looking new. Here’s a brief dive into some of the things you should do to protect your Harley Davidson.

Routine Maintenance

The first thing you should do to protect your vehicle is follow a routine maintenance schedule. A good schedule will have you replace parts and fluids before they empty or break down. This is important, as driving with bad parts will damage the rest of your vehicle and cause a lot more trouble in the end. That’s why regular maintenance is the best thing you can do to protect your Harley.

Frequent Detailing

One very important part of Harley care is the detailing you get for the vehicle. While normal maintenance can do a lot to prevent the wear and tear that comes from regular driving, detailing focuses on touching up your vehicle so it looks its best. From fixing small dents to touching up any scratches in your paint, detailing is what will really make your Harley look perfect.

Regular Shop Visits

While you can do a lot of maintenance yourself, bringing your Harley into the shop for a full tune-up and checkup will do your wonders. Professionals can really dig into your Harley and identify everything that’s wrong and needs attention. They can easily help you identify all the parts of your vehicle that need more care and help you fix any issues.

Made To Look New

When it comes to making your Harley look as good as possible, there are many things you need to do outside the regular care and detailing. From replacing old parts to upgrading your Harley with the newest things, here is some advice to help you care for your Harley’s appearance.

Eliminate Old Accessories

One of the first things you should do to make your Harley look its best is to remove any accessories that just don’t hold up over the years. While there are many accessories that look amazing, on your Harley, they should be in good shape so your motorcycle can look its best. So, if you have accessories that have gone through a lot, replace them with new ones that’ll match the fresh look you’re going for on your bike.

Get New Tires

Getting a new set of tires can do a lot for your Harley, both improving the vehicle’s looks and helping with fuel efficiency and handling. A new set of tires will make your Harley look like it just came off the lot and is ready to travel its first mile. Even if you don’t get a new tire, cleaning and polishing your tires with a shiner will make them look new in comparison to dirty and worn tires.

Change Out Your Speakers

Many people don’t consider it very important, but your speaker system can say a lot about the wear and age of your Harley. A good, new Harley Davidson will have a loudspeaker system without quality issues. However, the older Harleys will have a different sound and the speakers will look old, even with the proper care. Changing out your speakers will make your vehicle look new and allow you to listen to whatever you want.

Install New Seats

The seats of your bike go through a lot of wear, as they support your weight every time you go for a drive. This means that the seats wear down faster than you can repair with maintenance and will make your Harley look old and used. Installing new seats into your Harley will make it seem new, and the seats will always look their best.

Switch Out Lights

The headlights and taillights on your Harley have a large influence on the overall look of your Harley. Old, dim lights will make your Harley look old to others and hurt its appearance. Investing in some good Harvey sportster headlights and some good turn signals and taillights can make your motorcycle look like it’s ready to tackle any journey. Plus, the new lights will make driving at night or in dark conditions a lot safer for both you and anyone else on the road.

Get New Paint

While detailing can fix up a few of the spots on your Harley that don’t look as clean, it’ll never compare to a whole new paint job. A new paint job can make your Harley look like a new vehicle, even to you. Whether it’s a completely new design or the same one you already have, painting your vehicle is a major part in looking new.

Replace Your Grips

Just like your seats, you come in constant contact with the grips of your Harley to control the vehicle. This will eventually wear down your grips, and since it’s noticeable, it will affect your vehicle’s overall look. There isn’t a lot you can do to fix this, other than replacing the grips with new ones to cover up the worn ones from before.

Wax and Protect

The last thing you can do to make your Harley seem as new as the day you bought it is wax and wash it. Dirt and grime are the enemies of a good-looking vehicle, and protecting it from these things is important. A good waxing and coating can prevent dirt and grime from damaging your paint job, and a wash will help you clean it from anything that has latched on.

There are many things that can improve the looks of your Harley, but these tips will help you keep your Harley looking new. This is great for many reasons, like driving the best vehicle possible, maintaining your vehicle for years to come, and even maintaining the resale value of your bike.

8 Ways To Make Your Used Harley Davidson Look New

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