Factors To Consider When Buying a Headlight for Your Harley

Factors To Consider When Buying a Headlight for Your Harley

Headlights keep you safe on dark nights, and they can turn a drab bike into a gorgeous one. Read on to learn what you should consider when buying headlights.
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Headlights are perhaps the most critical piece of safety equipment on your bike. They allow you to see and be seen in dark and dimly-lit conditions, so don’t neglect high-quality lighting. On top of that, drivers see them before anything else, so looks are important, too. Read on to learn the factors to consider when buying a headlight for your Harley.


At the front of your motorcycle, headlights face constant exposure to the elements. Strong, sturdy construction is essential if you want your lights to last. Look for headlights that offer a full seal—this keeps water from getting inside while you drive. Also, keep an eye out for headlights with solid build quality. You don’t want the natural vibrations of your motorcycle to knock your wiring loose.


Check with your light’s manufacturer or vendor to ensure the headlight is compatible with your bike. There are tons of plug-and-play options; make sure you confirm that your lights will work on your motorcycle.


The two main types of headlights are the reflector and projector designs. Reflectors are the traditional option. They feature light bouncing back from two mirrors above and below the light source. If you want to give your bike a retro feel, this is the way to go.

You can also install projector headlights, which look much more modern. This design features multiple magnifying lenses with lights behind each lens—it’s perfect for strong lighting on a dark road.

You can pick up either of these options in an LED style, which is the best choice if you want your lights to last a long time. Our 7 LED headlights come with Eagle Lights’ lifetime warranty—we stand behind all our products.

Now that you know these factors to consider when buying a headlight for your Harley, pick up a set of lights that will keep you safe on the darkest of nights.

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