Top Harley Davidson Modifications To Make in 2022

Top Harley Davidson Modifications To Make in 2022

Harley Davidson consistently produces quality motorcycles, but even high-quality can be better. Read on to learn the top modifications you should make in 2022.

Harley Davidson is known for building high-quality bikes, and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down production. However, even well-made motorcycles can use an aftermarket upgrade or two to get them performing at their peak. We have a few ideas for the top Harley Davidson modifications to make in 2022, so keep reading!

Motorcycle Seat

Comfort is king, and don’t you forget it. The seat is your main point of contact with your bike, so make it count! A mediocre seat can make the best bike in the world feel uncomfortable, which is a deal-breaker if you plan to drive long distances on the highway. We recommend that you test out a few seats before you buy, so you know you’re getting one that works for your posture ergonomically.


Other than your seat, the suspension is a significant factor in your ride feel. The lower your bike’s suspension, the more you’ll feel each bump on the road. Suspensions don’t often require massive changes for you to feel improvements, so raise your suspension a little and take a test ride to see how it feels—repeat the process until you’re happy with the setup.

Performance Kit

With comfort out of the way, let’s talk about performance. Performance kits enable you to address your horsepower concerns, usually by improving your bike’s intake and exhaust systems. Look for a kit with re-jetted carburetors, a turner, and a larger exhaust to see the difference you seek.


The stock headlights on Harleys just don’t cut it. If you want an instant upgrade to your vision at night, we’d recommend switching to high-power LEDs. These Harley Davidson headlights can light up the night like you’re flipping a switch—which you are. There are few things more dangerous than riding a motorcycle in low-light conditions, so make safety a priority and install some LEDs. ​

Now that you know the top Harley Davidson modifications to make in 2022, take your bike to the next level and ride in comfort.

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