Motorcycle Headlight Wiring Mistakes To Avoid

Motorcycle Headlight Wiring Mistakes To Avoid

Working with wires can be a real headache, especially when something isn’t working. Read on to learn more about motorcycle headlight wiring mistakes to avoid.

No one wants to work with wires. OK, maybe some people do, but let’s be honest—wires can be a massive hassle. When you get a new headlight for your motorcycle, you just want to install it quickly and get back on the road. Unfortunately, some headlights require extra time to troubleshoot wiring. Read on to learn about a few motorcycle headlight wiring mistakes to avoid.

Paint Mishaps

When you repaint your bike, paint can drip anywhere if you’re not careful. When paint gets onto internal components, it can drastically reduce the connection of your wires, which can cause your lights to malfunction or not even turn on. When wiring up a light, make sure everything is properly grounded by using a multimeter—you don’t want to see readings above 1.5 ohms.

Lack of Edge Protection

There are several sharp internal points in a motorcycle, and wires without edge protection can become pinched or even cut. Even if your cables aren’t snipped without edge protection, worn cables can cause intermittent problems or a fire. Use cable sleeves to run your wires through your bike; this will protect them from becoming cut or worn at pinch points.


Wiring is an easy process to overcomplicate without proper planning. Try to make sure all your connections stay in one place to avoid excess wires running all over the motorcycle. That way, when you have problems with your wiring, there’s only one place you need to look.

Headlights That Require Wiring

That’s right—not all headlights will require you to experience the headache that is wiring. For instance, all our Sportster LED headlights are plug-and-play! There’s no need to spend hours painstakingly sorting wires and ensuring that none are crimped; all you need to do is plug in your headlights, attach them, and you’re ready to ride. Save yourself the trouble and get headlights from Eagle Lights.

Now that you’re aware of these motorcycle headlight wiring mistakes to avoid, install your headlights without problems that will frustrate you to no end.

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