The Different Types of Motorcycle Headlights Explained

The Different Types of Motorcycle Headlights Explained

There are many things to change about your motorcycle, including the headlight. Here’s what you should know about the different motorcycle headlights around.
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While they may not have a direct impact on the speed or handling of your motorcycle, headlights are vital parts of your vehicle. Driving in the dark is very dangerous, and headlights can sometimes be your only light source. So, when you’re looking at your options for your motorcycle, consider these different types of headlights and why you may want them.

Halogen Lights

These are the most common types of headlights out there, with many benefits and downfalls. It namely comes down to the ease of replacement and tradition, as these bulbs are everywhere. However, while they do produce enough light, they’re not the brightest lights you can get in your motorcycle. Many people like to switch to other headlights with brighter, long-lasting bulbs.

LED Lights

LED lights are becoming more and more popular every year, and many motorcycle owners switch to these headlights for a variety of reasons. Harley lights are bright and long-lasting, so you don’t need to replace them frequently. However, LED lights can be very bright and make it harder for oncoming traffic to see past your beam.

Xenon HID Lights

One great type of motorcycle headlight that we’ve yet to explain is the Xenon HID lights. If you want that longer lifespan but don’t want such a bright color temperature, then Xenon HID lights may be what you want. While they can still produce a lot of light, the gas inside the bulb changes the color to a cooler tone, so it’s easier to see. Additionally, these lightbulbs will last a lot longer than halogen lights. However, you’ll most likely need a technician or other professional put in the Xenon HID lights to prevent issues.

These are the most common and popular types of headlights you’ll see in any motorcycle. While they all have their benefits, the final decision of what to get rests on what you need. Weighing the pros and cons of each light and what it’ll mean for your motorcycle is the best way to make your decision.

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