Perfect Upgrades for the Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic

Perfect Upgrades for the Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic

This iconic bike, with its classic design and timeless appeal, offers a unique riding experience that's deeply rooted in American motorcycle culture. However, like any motorcycle, there's always room for improvement and customization. If you're looking to take your Heritage Softail Classic to the next level, we've got the perfect upgrades for you.

Eagle Lights 7" LED Headlight and 4.5" LED Passing Light Kit for Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles - Generation III / Chrome

One of the most significant safety upgrades you can make to your Heritage Softail Classic is replacing the stock headlight and passing lights with the Eagle Lights 7" LED Headlight and Passing light Kit

Key Features:

- Exceptional Brightness: The headlight and Passing lights provide superior brightness, making night  and even day time rides safer and more enjoyable.

- Enhanced Durability: The Eagle kit is designed to withstand the rigors of the road, with a rugged construction built to last.

- Easy Installation: The plug-and-play design ensures a hassle-free installation, and it fits most Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles.

- Sleek Design: The modern design of the headlight complements the classic aesthetics of the Heritage Softail Classic, offering a perfect blend of old and new.

*Please note this kit only fits model years 2017 and older.  


Eagle Lights 3 1/4" Front and Rear LED Turn Signal Kit For Harley Davidson Motorcycles - Generation II / Red Rear Turn Signals

Visibility is paramount when riding a motorcycle. The Eagle Lights 3 1/4" Front and Rear LED Turn Signal Kit offers an excellent full running light solution to enhance your bike's visibility and safety.

Key Features:

- Bright LED Lighting: These turn signals feature ultra-bright LEDs that are easy to spot even in broad daylight, improving safety in all conditions.

- Durable Build: Designed to withstand the elements and vibrations of the road, these turn signals are built to last.

- Easy Installation: The kit includes everything you need for a straightforward installation, and it's compatible with most Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Eagle Lights Rear Layback LED Taillamp Replacement for Harley Davidson

Completing the trifecta of upgrades, the Eagle Lights Rear Layback LED Taillamp Replacement is a perfect addition to your Heritage Softail Classic. This taillamp not only enhances safety but also gives your bike a distinctive and classic look.

Key Features:

- Eye-Catching Design: The layback design adds a touch of nostalgia to your bike's rear, perfectly matching the classic style of the Heritage Softail Classic.

- Bright LEDs: The LED taillamp provides excellent visibility, ensuring that you're seen by other drivers day or night.

- Easy Installation: Like other Eagle Lights products, this taillamp is designed for easy installation, allowing you to enjoy your upgrade without a hassle.

- Durability: Constructed with durability in mind, this taillamp is built to withstand the challenges of the open road.

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