The Requirements for Your Motorcycle To Be DOT Compliant

The Requirements for Your Motorcycle To Be DOT Compliant

If you own a motorcycle and want to drive it on the street, you need to be sure your vehicle meets the requirements for DOT compliance before heading out.

If you have a motorcycle and want to ensure it can be on the road, make sure it meets Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. This article will discuss what you need for your motorcycle to be DOT compliant.

State Regulations

While the DOT has its own guidelines, every state can issue new restrictions you need to follow as well. So always check your local regulations before changing anything on your motorcycle so you don’t have issues later.

Lighting Compliance

There are many regulations about lights concerning headlights, taillights, brake lights, and extra lighting. For example, you’ll need headlights that can switch between high and low without blinding people and that work at all hours. When it comes to lighting, it’s best to get a kit, like these 7" LED headlights, that are DOT compliant.

Mirror and Horns

The DOT places certain restrictions and requirements on motorcycles for their mirrors and horns. Every motorcycle needs at least one functional mirror, and some states require different sizes and numbers of mirrors. Every vehicle needs a horn, but each state has different laws about if you can have a nonelectric horn.

Your Tires

The simplest way to meet DOT standards for a motorcycle is to find and install tires that are DOT certified. These tires will always match what you need and qualify for driving on the streets. This will help your bike last longer on the road as the tires will work better on the pavement.

License Plate

While many people forget about their license plates, it’s one of the requirements to follow DOT compliance for motorcycles. The DOT has rulings on how you should frame a license plate and where it should sit on your motorcycle. In general, you can get a good aftermarket license plate bracket for the back of your bike, but some states have different regulations.

While the DOT is one of the most important authorities for motorcycle owners, you should always be careful of state requirements. Your motorcycle must comply with DOT standards, but state standards can be more restrictive and change from state to state. So always check your local requirements as well as the DOT’s.

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