LED Motorcycle Lighting Terminology You Should Know

LED Motorcycle Lighting Terminology You Should Know

Lighting is an important part of motorcycle safety, so you should upgrade it. But you need to know the LED lighting terms to know what to look for.

Motorcyclists rely on their lighting to stay safe when driving around in both dark and light conditions. The lighting helps them see the road around them and makes it easier for other drivers to see them. That’s why knowing about the different lighting terminology for motorcycles is so important.

Lumen and Lux

You should see measures for both lumen and lux when you look to purchase a new LED light for your motorcycle. Lumens are measurements of the light that the LED light source puts out, which isn’t the same as the light you see. Lux is the measurement of light that the source puts out on a location, which is more important to the driver’s safety.

Light Temperature

When you look for LED lights, you’ll see information about the temperature of the light source. This isn’t a measure of the heat of the lights but rather the harshness and color of the source. A high-temperature light will shine brightly and look blinding to those who stare directly at it, but it will have a higher lux.

Headlights and Taillights

One of the most important pieces of lighting terminology for motorcycles is the different types of lights. This is essential to know as you may need to replace each one with LED lights to get the most visibility possible. Headlights and taillights are responsible for lighting up the road when you drive and casting light in front and behind the bike, respectively. You want high-lux LEDs for these to have the best visibility.

Turn Signals and Brake Lights

Unlike headlights and taillights, motorcycle LED turn signals and brake lights are more for showing other drivers what you’re doing when you’re driving. This is important for both legal reasons and the safety of everyone on the road. These lights aren’t useful for projecting light, so it’s best to focus on high-temperature lights.

Improving your motorcycle’s lighting is so important for your safety. Knowing the proper terminology will help you find the best lighting for your motorcycle. This is how you create the best motorcycle that you’ll keep for years.

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