Unveiling the Eagle Lights 8900PK Heritage Springer LED Headlight and Passing Light Kit

Unveiling the Eagle Lights 8900PK Heritage Springer LED Headlight and Passing Light Kit

The Heritage Springer is a true icon, embodying the spirit of freedom and adventure that Harley Davidson is known for. To enhance this experience, Eagle Lights has introduced the 8900PK Heritage Springer Headlight and Passing Light Kit.  A complete Plug and Play LED lighting solution for this Harley Davidson icon.


The Harley Davidson Heritage Springer: A Legend on Two Wheels

Before diving into the details of the Eagle Lights 8900PK kit, let's take a moment to appreciate the Harley Davidson Heritage Springer itself. This motorcycle is a tribute to the classic styling of the 1940s, with its distinctive front end, classic leather saddlebags, and nostalgic detailing. Riding a Heritage Springer is like taking a journey back in time while enjoying all the modern comforts and conveniences of a Harley Davidson.

However, even a legend like the Heritage Springer can benefit from a touch of modernity, and that's where the Eagle Lights 8900PK comes into play.

LED Headlight

The LED Headlight in this kit provides exceptional brightness and clarity, illuminating the road ahead with a powerful, white light that enhances visibility in all conditions. Whether you're cruising down the highway on a moonlit night or navigating through dense fog, the LED Headlight ensures that you can see and be seen with unmatched clarity.

With a Harley Davidson Heritage Springer, aesthetics are paramount, and the LED Headlight doesn't disappoint. It seamlessly integrates into the classic design of the motorcycle, enhancing its retro charm while delivering modern performance.

LED Passing Lights

Safety is a top priority for any Harley Davidson rider, and the Eagle Lights 8900PK takes safety to a whole new level with its LED Passing Lights. These lights are strategically positioned to provide additional illumination to the sides of the road, increasing your visibility to other motorists.

When you're cruising on your Heritage Springer, especially on winding roads or in heavy traffic, having the extra visibility provided by LED Passing Lights can make all the difference. It's not just about seeing better; it's about being seen by others, ensuring a safer riding experience.

The Perfect Fit/Plug And Play

Eagle Lights designed the 8900PK Heritage Springer Headlight and Passing Light Kit with one thing in mind: compatibility. This kit is tailor-made for Harley Davidson Heritage Springer motorcycles, ensuring a seamless installation process. It's a plug-and-play solution that doesn't require any modifications to your beloved ride.

The kit includes everything you need for installation, including easy-to-follow instructions. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional installation, the 8900PK kit is designed to make the process hassle-free.

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