As The Days Get Shorter, Make The Nights Brighter: 5 Ways To Enhance Your Fall Riding Experience

As The Days Get Shorter, Make The Nights Brighter: 5 Ways To Enhance Your Fall Riding Experience

As summer gives away to the changing leaves of fall, it's time to prepare for a different kind of riding experience. Fall brings unique challenges and opportunities for riders, from cooler temperatures to changing road conditions. To ensure a safe and enjoyable autumn riding season, consider these five essential motorcycle upgrades from Eagle Lights that are designed to enhance visibility, safety, and overall riding experience.

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LED Headlights

Fall days are shorter, and daylight can dwindle quickly, especially during evening rides. Upgrading your motorcycle's headlights to LED Headlights is a crucial step in enhancing visibility during low-light conditions. These Headlights provide a brighter and clearer illumination, allowing you to see the road ahead and potential obstacles more clearly. With a longer lifespan than traditional halogen bulbs and a color temperature closer to natural daylight, Eagle Lights Headlights ensure you have a well-lit path even in challenging weather conditions.


LED Turn Signals

With leaves covering the roads and the potential for reduced visibility due to rain or fog, it's essential to have reliable turn signals that are easily noticed by other drivers. Eagle Lights Turn Signals offer increased brightness and visibility compared to standard incandescent bulbs. They have a faster response time, ensuring that your intentions are communicated to fellow road users promptly. Upgrading to Turn Signals not only adds a stylish touch to your motorcycle but also enhances your safety on the road.


Eagle Lights LED Mirror with Sequential Turn Signals

Merging lanes and navigating through traffic can be more challenging during the fall season when road conditions are less predictable. The Eagle Lights Mirrors with Sequential Turn Signals is a game-changer for riders who value both style and safety. These innovative mirrors come equipped with built-in LED turn signals that light up sequentially, grabbing the attention of nearby drivers and making your intentions clear. This upgrade not only enhances your visibility to others but also adds a modern and sleek aesthetic to your Harley Davidson Softail or Dyna Model.


LED Tail Lights

As the weather gets cooler, mist and fog can settle on the roads, reducing visibility for both riders and drivers.  Tail Lights significantly increases your visibility from behind.  Not only are your braking actions communicated to those following you without delay, the added brightness of LED Tail Lights can make a crucial difference in preventing rear-end collisions and keeping you safe during fall rides.


Eagle Lights SPEEDSHIFT Shorty Brake and Clutch Lever Set

Maintaining control over your motorcycle is of utmost importance, especially when road conditions become less predictable in the fall. The Eagle Lights SPEEDSHIFT Shorty Brake and Clutch Lever Set offers precise control and comfortable handling. The shortened design of these levers allows for easier reach, making them ideal for riders who may be wearing thicker gloves during the cooler months. Enhanced control over your brake and clutch actions can make a substantial difference in navigating through varying road surfaces and traffic scenarios.

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