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5 ¾” Halo & DRL LED Headlights - Eagle Lights 5 3/4" LED Projector Headlight With Integrated Turn Signals For Harley Davidson 5.75'' LED Projection Head Lamp*

Eagle Lights 5 3/4" LED Projector Headlight with Integrated Turn Signals for Harley Davidson 5.75'' LED Projection Head Lamp*

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Brand new this year, our 5.75" 8700AH-B incorporates integrated turn signals, a high output wide low beam and a powerful high beam lighting array. See far and wide down any back road with our 8700AH-B and look awesome doing it. Specifically designed for Sportsters, 883's, Fourty Eights, Dynas, Softails and all Harley applications using a 5 3/4" headlight.  
  • EAGLE LIGHTS QUALITY - The Eagle Lights LED 8900AH-B is a high output LED headlight that will light up the road and allow you to be seen from much farther away. Stay safer with our LED technology. It comes with LED turn signals built in and high and low beam functionality. The color of the light is bright white and allows you to see the road at night much more clearly. The LED turn signals allow oncoming drivers to be aware of where you are trying to go.
  • HOW HARD IS THIS HEADLIGHT TO INSTALL - The installation is very simple and varies slightly depending on the bike. The headlight connection is plug and play on Indian Scouts and all Harley Davidsons with 5 ¾” headlights. You will need about 40 minutes to install depending on your skill level. The only tool you will need is a phillips head screwdriver.
  • LED TURN SIGNALS - The optional LED turn signals enhance your visibility to oncoming drivers. They can also be used as a replacement for the OEM turn signals. Connecting them is easy. With the included connectors, crimp the two turn signal leads to each of your turn signal wires in your headlight bucket. Harley Davidsons that are 2011 and older will need load resistors for the turn signals. Part number EL60WR (Sold Separately).
  • HOW BRIGHT IS THIS LIGHT - Extremely bright. It produces 5 times the lumens of the stock OEM light. The field of light is wide and will light of the deepest of curves. It has the added benefit of additional safety. The light is bright white and makes you 5 times as noticable to drivers! See, be seen and stay safe. The inclusion of the turn signals enhances your ability to be seen as well.
  • HIGH QUALITY - 100% Authentic Eagle Lights brand LED headlight. The light uses a polycarbonate plastic shell for enhanced durability, real CREE LED chips and the best mastercrafted construction you can get. Complete the look of your bike and be safer at the same time. But should something go wrong, you are covered by a full lifetime warranty. No hassle returns and no hassle warranty replacement.


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  • How do you wire in signal lights or is it just plug and play?

    There are two wires that come from the light. They would need to be spliced into the turn signal power wire on each side. We include include T-Tap crimp connectors to make the process solder free.


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