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LED Turn Signal Accessories - Eagle Lights Load Resistors For 8748 Series LED Turn Signals

Eagle Lights Load Resistors for 8748 Series LED Turn Signals

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Eagle Lights load resistors are recommended when installing LED turn signals on 2011 and earlier motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

  • Load resistors eliminate LED related issues such as Hyper Flash, No Flash and replace bulb indicators. 
  • 1 resistor is needed per turn signal. The resistors are sold as pairs and include easy to use cut in clamps.
  • 25W 6-Ohm resistors are designed to be used with Eagle Lights products. 
  • Load resistors can get very hot. Avoid installing on plastic parts.
  • Clears "bulb out signal" & "OBC error message" that can occur when installing LED turn signals.

Sold as pairs.

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  • Would it be harmful to these resistors if they were tied into turn signal wiring under the rear fender. Under the fender they will be exposed to the elements, specifically water and dirt kicked up by the rear tire. As of this moment I have been unable to trace the wiring under the seat.

    You can mount them under the fender. They will be exposed to the elements, but it may degrade the wiring over time. 

  • Is there an installation guide for Harleys?

    We do not have a specific installation guide for this product as it differs per bike. To wire them in you will have to bridge the positive wire for the turn signal with the ground for the turn signal. You can find a wiring diagram here: . As for the location is varies bike to bike, but it is mainly wired in under the seat if possible.

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