5 Improvements To Make After You Buy Your First Motorcycle

5 Improvements To Make After You Buy Your First Motorcycle

Modifying your first motorcycle after purchasing it may be the best thing you can do. Here are the improvements you should consider for your first bike.

A factory-model motorcycle fresh off the lot will serve you well, especially if it’s your first motorcycle. However, you can easily improve your bike with a few aftermarket modifications to get it in great condition. Here’s a look at the improvements to make after buying your first motorcycle.

Improving the Lights

Lighting on your bike is vital for driving in dark conditions, as it helps you see the road and makes you visible to other motorists. LEDs are popular, as they’re bright and last a long time. Upgrade the lights on your first motorcycle, and consider installing Harley LED taillights to increase your safety while riding.

Getting New Tires

You can improve your bike’s tires by swapping them out for tires that offer more control. Look for specialty tires that match your vehicle and the kind of driving you’ll be doing, such as dirt bike tires for off-roading.

Customizing Your Seat

You’re going to be on this bike for a long time, which is why your seat is important for your comfort. Test out your bike’s seat, and switch it out for something more comfortable if it’s unsatisfactory. There’s no right choice when it comes to comfort, but a good seat is an important upgrade for your first motorcycle.

Adding Crash Bars

Some bikes come with crash bars, but you will want to add them if your new motorcycle doesn’t have them. They sit around your engine and protect it if you crash; the bars will take the brunt of the crash instead of the engine. This can save you a lot of money in the long run, as you likely won’t need to replace your engine after an accident.

Upgrading the Windscreen

Your windscreen protects you while riding, but you may need to upgrade it after buying your first bike. Many factory models come with small windscreens that don’t offer enough protection and can be difficult to look through due to poor quality. Upgrade the windscreen to something that suits your ride.

Any of these modifications can make a huge difference to your motorcycle, and you can benefit from all of them. These changes are easy to make and can protect you and your vehicle, making them well worth the investment.

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