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7” Headlight Accessory - Eagle Lights Splitter Harness Converts Dual Beam Headlights To Single LED Headlight

Eagle Lights Splitter Harness converts Dual Beam Headlights to Single LED Headlight

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  • STREET GLIDE AND ROAD KING - Needed on all 2014 or newer Street Glides and Road Kings. It adapts the dual bulb Harley Davidson harness to a single plug to connect directly to your Eagle Lights LED headlight.
  • H9 / H11 Harness – These bikes come equipped with H9 and H11 bulbs from the factory. One plug will be for low beam and one plug will be for the high beam. The harness makes LED headlights completely plug and play on the 2014 and newer Street Glide and Road King models.
  • PLUG AND PLAY - Make your Road King or Street Glide plug and play! Allows you to use any Eagle Lights LED headlight with your Street Glide or Road King without any modification to the wire. Direct plug and play set up.
  • HOW DO I KNOW IF I NEED THIS ADAPTER? - When looking at the headlight, there will either be one or two headlight bulbs inside the headlight assembly. If you have two bulbs in the main housing, you will need this adapter harness. It will look like one bulb on top of the other. One will be for high beam and one bulb will be for low beam.
  • EAGLE LIGHTS QUALITY - Made with High-Quality Delphi Connectors and durable 14 gauge wiring. Made to last and give a secure connection between an Eagle Lights LED headlight and your bike.



Road King ’14- Current,
Street Glide ’14- Current,
Street Glide Special ’14- Current

Needed on Harley Davidson Models with dual headlight bulbs to convert to an Eagle Lights LED headlight, including 2014 and newer Road Kings and Street Glides. The Harness converts the factory H9/H11 dual headlight bulb set up to a single H4 plug. The H4 plug is Plug and play and ready to go on our LED headlights.


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  • Will this work on 2018 Road King special

    Yes, this will work on a 2018 Road King Special. All of the 2014+ Road Kings will need the 69200899 adapter wire. 

  • I have a 99 Road King with to 2 bulb headlight. It looks like this is the correct adapter. Can someone please verify?

    Yes, this is the correct adapter for dual bulb headlights. Typically only the newer Road Kings need them, and any older than 2014 will need our adapter ring to fit.

  • I have a 13 Street Glide, single bulb lamp, want to go to a 14 2 bulb lamp, what harness do I need?

    On the 2013 Street Glide, you can use any of our 7" LED headlights with the installation adapter ring. You do not need the dual beam harness. 

  • Is this the correct adapter for a halo ring daymaker install on a 2018 Road King?

    Yes, this is the correct adapter for the headlight on your 2018 Road King. 

  • Will this work on my 2007 Harley VROD? It has factory dual beams.

    You will need our VRod headlight. It comes specially designed for your bike with the two plugs. The part number is 8900VB

  • I need this but I need those ends to be male tips instead of female. Do you have that?

    Unfortunately we do not have one with male ends. We are sorry for any inconvenience. 

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