Top Three Scenic Motorcycle Rides in Arizona

Top Three Scenic Motorcycle Rides in Arizona

Arizona offers motorcyclists an opportunity to experience the beauty of the American Southwest. What better way to explore its wonders than on a Harley Davidson motorcycle? To enhance your journey, consider upgrading your Harley with Eagle Lights LED upgrades for optimal visibility. Here are the top three scenic places to ride a motorcycle in Arizona.

Sedona's Red Rock Country

Sedona, is known for its majestic red rock formations. It is a great opportunity for motorcyclists seeking the desert's natural beauty and a thrilling ride. The winding roads through Oak Creek Canyon and the iconic State Route 89A offer a pleasurable and mesmerizing riding experience. Navigating through the twists and turns, the hues of the red rocks against the clear blue sky create a visual masterpiece that a rider needs to experience first hand to believe. 

The Apache Trail

The Apache Trail gives a mix of history and scenic landscapes, therefore making it a must ride route. Beginning near Apache Junction, this historic trail takes riders through the Superstition Mountains, along the edge of Canyon Lake, and into the vast Tonto National Forest. The serpentine roads offer panoramic views of rugged terrain, pristine lakes, and towering saguaro cacti. 

Grand Canyon National Park

No list of scenic motorcycle rides in Arizona would be complete without mentioning the Grand Canyon. The journey to the Grand Canyon is as breathtaking as the destination itself. As you approach the South Rim, the open road stretches before you, revealing the vastness of the canyon. The play of light on the canyon walls during sunrise and sunset is a sight every rider should experience. 

Eagle Lights Upgrades to Consider

  • LED Headlight

    • The arid and expansive landscapes of Arizona challenge motorcyclists to navigate diverse terrains and encounter varying lighting conditions.  An LED headlight plays a pivotal role in rider safety. The intense sunlight and open spaces create challenging visibility scenarios, especially during dawn, dusk, or night rides. LED headlights provide clear and bright illumination.  Whether you need a headlight or H4 LED bulb for your Harley Davidson, Indian, Honda or even Yamaha, Eagle has you covered.
  • LED Turn Signals 

    • LED turn signals are indispensable for motorcycle riders by contributing clear visual communication, reducing the risk of collisions and promoting overall road safety.  With a variety of LED turn signals available for many makes and models, consider making this important upgrade today.
  • SPEEDSHIFT Shorty Brake and Clutch Levers

    • When navigating through winding roads having shorter levers can mean the difference between a confident maneuver and a split-second delay.  SPEEDSHIFT Shorty Brake and Clutch levers allow the Harley rider quicker response times, enhanced braking capabilities, and smoother gear shifts. 

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