Eagle Lights 2” LED Turn Signal Kit for Harley Davidson - (Bikes w/ Rear Center Tail Light) -(2) Front Turn Signals, (2) Rear Amber Turn Signals (1156)

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Load Equalizers for Pre-2014 Motorcycles : None
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Installation Instructions

LED Turn Signal Installation Instructions

Do I need an Eagle Equalizer?

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The Eagle Equalizer eliminates hyper flash when installing LED turn signals on pre-2014 Harleys by slowing the turn signal flash rate to the normal speed. An Eagle Equalizer is NOT needed on the following models:

  • 2011 and Newer Softail Models
  • 2012 and Newer Dyna Models
  • 2014 and Newer Sportster Models
  • 2014 and Newer Touring Models
  • All of 2014 and newer Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

An Eagle Equalizer is the plug and play solution to correct hyper flash. Hyper flash is when the turn signals will start flashing faster than normal after a few seconds. The Eagle Equalizer plugs directly into the wiring harness underneath the seat using Harley OEM connectors. It does not produce heat or put a load on the electrical system. Only one unit is needed for either 2 or all 4 turn signals. Can also be used with a combination of LED and incandescent turn signals.  Harley Davidson models that the Eagle Equalizer fit are listed below.

Add your year, make and model and we will include the correct Eagle Equalizer for your bike.

Standard Eagle Equalizer Fitment:

  • ‘96 - ‘10 Softails
  • ‘97 - ‘11 Dynas
  • ‘99 - ‘03 Sportsters
  • ‘06 - ‘09 Street Glide
  • ‘97 - ‘13 Touring Models (Electra Glide, Ultra Classic, Ultra Limited, Road King models)
  • ‘97 - ‘09 Road Glide Models
  • ‘10 - ‘13 Tri-Glide

Sportster Eagle Equalizer Fitment:

  • 2004-2013 Sportster XL Models
  • Street Glide / Road Glide Eagle Equalizer Fitment

  • 2010-2013 Street Glide and Road Glide models
  • Do I need an Load Resistor?

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    If your motorcycle is not listed in the Eagle Equalizer Fitment guide, you will need to use load resistors. Load Resistors are universal and can be used on all models to correct hyper flash. They are spliced into the wiring harness underneath the seat.


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    Ask a Question
    • I have an 06 ultra classic and would like to add the led lights to my bike can you advise me all that I may need to complete this?

      You will need to add the load resistors to your bike. You can add them with the drop down above. 

    • I want to order turn signal kit for my wife's 2007 Softail Standard. Which kit will work for her bike and will I need load resistors?

      Yes, this will work on her bike. She will need to the load resistors for her bike.

    • I have a 2010 Road King Classic. What front/rear turn signal combinations are available? Any with smoke colored lenses?

       Thank you for reaching out to us. You’ll need are 3 1/4 inch LED turn signals. I will leave link for the front and rear for you below. You will need to order the load resistors with the turn signals.    Fronts:  https://www.eaglelights.com/products/eagle-lights-8748ts-2-flat-style-led-front-turn-signals-for-harley-davidson-double-pack   Rears: https://www.eaglelights.com/products/eagle-lights-8748ts-1156a-amber-3-1-4-rear-led-turn-signals-for-harleys-double-pack

    • Will this work on a 1999 road king classic? FLHRCI

      No, for the 1999 Road King Classic you will need our larger 3 1/4" turn signals. You can find them here: https://www.eaglelights.com/collections/turn-signals/products/eagle-lights-3-1-4-flat-style-led-front-2-x-1157-and-rear-2-x-1156-turn-signals-for-harleys . You will need load resistors to prevent hyper flashing of the turn signals.

    • I have a 2013 Fat Boy Lo, do I need the load resister for my bike and if I do can you tell me the location that is would go? An other ? do you have LED rear lights what are easy to install? If you do please send me part # and name pls. Thank you

      Your 2013 Fat Boy will not need load resistors, you will have to run the hazards once the turn signals are installed. The part number for correct turn signals kit 8748TS-4-1156R for Red rear turn signals, or 8748TS-4-1156A for Amber rear turn signals. I will leave links to the products below. Amber: https://www.eaglelights.com/products/eagle-lights-2-led-turn-signal-kit-for-harley-davidson-bikes-w-rear-center-tail-light-2-front-turn-signals-2-rear-turn-signals-1156 Red: https://www.eaglelights.com/products/eagle-lights-2-led-turn-signal-kit-for-harley-davidson-bikes-w-rear-center-tail-light-2-front-turn-signals-2-rear-red-turn-signals-1156

    • I have a 2004 heritage classic softail what light part numbers to for place front and rear turn signals? . Where do I mount the resistors?

      Our Gen I kit is part number: 8748TS-4-1156A-FLAT for Amber rear turn signals or 8748TS-4-1156R-FLAT for Red rear turn signals. The resistors need to be mounted on metal as they become hot during use. Many people mount them under the seat but it varies from bike to bike. 

    • Looking at led turn signals have2011 cvo ultra eletra glide case6 do i need load resistors

      These are the correct one for your bike. Yes you will neednload resistors for your bike. 

    • Do i need resistors for 2011 ultra electra glide case cvo

      Yes, you will need load resistors for your bike. 

    • Where do the load resistors mount? Inside the housing or elsewhere on the bike. Mine is a 09 Heritage with 2” bullets.

      It depends from bike to bike, but many people wire them in underneath the seat or along a frame rail. 

    • I have a 2016 street glide special, do i need a load resistor when changing front and rear lights?

      No you do not need a load resistor for the front and rear turn signals on the 2016 model. It is plug and play on that model.

    • Where do the load resisters install on the bike?

      If you bike is pre-2013, you may need load resistors for the bike. 

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